Friday, August 5, 2016

Papers & Calendars, oh my!

Guess what! you're in luck, or maybe happy for me because I wrote another blog ha ha haaa! I just realized I didn't write one last week (sorry!)
I know this blog is suppose to be mostly about paper because you know I'm in love with it, sometimes writing about other subjects is fun to.
Anyway, I've been trying to keep up with my scrapbooking, and other paper adventures Just trying to get caught up with my clutter and stuff I collected. It just piles up and it's like a mountain of mess on the table, under the table and everywhere in my room. I need to stop buying stuff because it's getting too much. Ughh! This time I'm gonna blame my dad for this because he's such a packrat thanks dad!
 I've made a little smashbook with my bind-it-all  for my instax pictures, it works perfect.

Lately, I've been working small, I feel comfortable and I know what works for me. I like the junk journal type of style. The messy look, different embellishments, all put together. It's a stress relief for me, it's been awhile since I used my table because it's always cover with crap, purchases, receipts and other junk. 
 I'm also trying the latest craze the planner stuff, like the bullet journal, planners/calendars. You see it everywhere now. On pinterest, instagram, and other social media. So I wanna get into it, I bought myself a calendar but I also bought a faux-travel books from Michael's 

I bought this book at Michaels (craft store), I practically live here. the ladies know who I am (kinda sad!) but there always nice to me lol!!
   It's a travel notebook, kinda like the travel midoris you see on social media. If you type in midori's you'll have array of travel midori's out there. 
I was pretty lucky, I actually have three of these types of books in different colors. I bought the inserts that go with it, but every time I used a coupon on the inserts they were always out. I'm not sure if you're able find anymore because they're on clearance, just the books all the inserts are pretty much gone.This one particular I used a coupon on top of the sale. Regular price was $14.99 but with sale price and coupon I spent about $4.00 nice!!!  My intent for this journal was to use it as a planner/bullet journal.  But I found another calendar, I'm planning to use this one for scrapbooking/journal. As for the pages, I will probably make my own with all the mountain of papers I have stash in my tiny bedroom. What's the point buying more if you're a (hate to say it) paper hoarder. I'm pretty confident of making my own inserts.

I just recently purchase this book last weekend. It was an impulse buy, especially the amount I paid for $7.99 at TJMaxx original price was $12.00. The place you can buy the coolest thing at a cheaper price. TJ MAXX, it's a outlet store. When a high end store can't sell the item, or have too much of that item they send to places to sell at a cheaper percentage. One time I bought a Lacoste towel for $12.00 original price was like $25-30 bucks not bad. This book was slightly bent, but smoothing it out was no problem. Its a 8 1/2 size.  I like the monthly calendar and and week-by-week glance. I was actually thinking of buying one at Paper Source (I love that store) but they charge so much, when I saw this I thought this could work. what I don't like about calendars they start in July, but not in January. It's kinda waste when I have one in progress and now I start in the new one, and wasted all those months from now till the new year. Well I can't wait to start in this one. 

This is the one I have at the moment, I bought this at Barnes & Nobles last January. I try to buy my stuff on sale. This book was half off, best time to go shopping is after Christmas. Especially their calendars, if you're lucky could find some really cool ones. I don't know what to do about finishing this book, I don't want to stop in the month August and start in the new book. See, I've already have August planned out. I might as well finish this one until the new year and also start the new calendar until this one is done.

So anyway, that's what's going on in my paper life,lol. I always keep forgetting to let you know I'm also on the instagram. Under oatmealjr35. I'm usually there posting a lot on there more than here. So yea, come check it out I have more pics on my life over there. Come follow me, if ya follow me I would likely follow you, if your true, trustworthy and no spamming of course. 
 Well keep drinking whatever is in your hand and have a blissful day.

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