Monday, February 24, 2014

This past week

I decided to give little treats for St. Patrick's day. I wanted to use the pot of gold containers and beer cozy for my friends this year. I have friends that do drink and some don't.  So I scour the valley for both, oh my it was a challenge to find the little buckets.  Boy I sure didn't have a hard time looking for the beer cozies. I cleaned out one Joanns, in Spanish fork for the little pot of gold containers. My sister found just one set in American fork. So this past Saturday, I went again to look at American fork store but didn't find any except the cozies, but ended up buying some embellishments for my other scrapbooks projects.  How can you past up a 50% sale on scrapbooking embellishments.
So I drove north to Draper, which is in Salt Lake County. It's about maybe 10-15 min drive from American fork.   I checked the Joanns and no luck no buckets. But of course just the cozies was all I see. Joanns is the only place I know there selling the little pot of gold containers. I decided I didn't want to go any further to look for the buckets. I went ahead and looked for another alternative and bought little paper greens bags for the rest of my friends.  I was kinda bummed I couldn't get more of them little containers I hope the bags will work out.
So now that I found what I need to use to fill the treats in, my next quest is to find chocolate coins for the little containers, I hope I can find them this coming week.  Looking for the containers was a challenge I just  hope  the chocolate coins are easier to find. Wish me luck. Have a good week.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week in Review

I know this post is a like few days late I was suppose to post on Sunday, but I just didn't have the time to write anything. I was enjoying my time at home just doing nothing. It was nice to get up late, stay in bed not do anything. Watch t.v just lie in bed and enjoy of not doing anything. It was nice for a change just do "NOTHING", its very rare that I go into work later in the afternoon. I try to get as much in before I start to work that early evening. I think I did.
Last week, was a busy week for me. I started gym last week, I made myself go to to the gym. I actually like doing leg presses and walking on the treadmill. I try to visit my  mother in the rehab twice a week; even though we just sit there and watch t.v. I made valentine cards for my closest friends,I'm not a big valentines day person I like to make cards that are dark and protesting the day haha. I worked on Valentines' day but I have some friends that gave me a treats like Anna Marie, who gave me some cookies from Ruby Snap. My closest friend Maritta, who gave me a pez and some candy and cannot forget my dear friend Carissa, who sent me a card. It was very cute to get something in the mail. I try loading up her card but it would not load cause of my lack of a computer. So when I can I will try again to load her very cute card. Oh yes, my boss bought us a pizza and soda a very happy day. I must say.
my mother's rehab room
working on my v-day cards for my friends
the finish card all that work.
pizza from our store manager and dr.pepper
my friend maritta gave me for v-day sorry for the side view
Anna Marie gave me cookies from this yummy shop

A future pick of my card from Carissa, coming soon. In the near future I will be getting a new laptop and I hope soon.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Working & working

This past week has been busy, trying to get household chores done (I'm still working on it) getting scrap pages done, getting my sleep and just work my two jobs.
I decided to try to be organized with work load and personal issues. Sometimes I get lazy and slack off my duties. Now, It's time to be organized and get back into a routine.  Starting next week I'm back to the gym, blah but it needs to be done and can't be avoid.
I just realized that I left my planner at home good start right! I just recently bought myself a new phone; finally!! A new phone. I can have instagram, my Starbuck card, I'm so excited for my new purchase.
As of now, I'm typing on my new phone and visiting my mom at the same time yay! But I can't wait for this week to be over.
I hope the rest of your Thursday is a good one.