Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let's rewind to last week

I know its a late post but its been busy and tiring week and a half
Starting last week, my sister brought up her kid and my brother's nephew's they came to visit us in Utah at the last minute from Arizona. I didn't know there were coming to visit us the night before,anyway its been a crazy last week I'm kinda glad its over. 
 Well it's official, I received my new stamp number from my other job. I use to own one back in the day but I think the company got rid of it, when I came last Monday morning on my table a brand new stamp with my old number I don't know why I'm happy about it I think to make it more legit. During last week, the time I had off we try to entertain our adult nephew's. Just still in their early twenties we try to have fun and take them out. Karen and I went to the Woodshed in SLC, it was weird to take them to a bar but you know their not little boys anymore. They had I fun I think so they tell me, but we chill, chug a beer or two and listen to some local music it was nice to spend time with the nephew's.
 Last Saturday, we went up again to SLC to see the St. Patricks day parade at the Gateway. Its was very windy and chilly Im surprised we made it almost to the end. End up leaving cause we didn't want get caught in the traffic. Afterwards we went around town checking out Salt Lake, because one nephew never been in the city so we (the aunties) went showed the town. We were all hungry and went to our favorite place to eat Squatters, just a place to grab a hamburger and a beer on tap. It was very busy that afternoon end up sitting at the bar but thats okay I didn't mind at all at least we sat down quick. We didn't stay for very long because I had to work that evening so after lingering the town for a bit we headed home.
 Last Monday, was St.Patrick's day. Did you celebrated?? Well I did! haha. I made my pot o' gold for my co-workers at one job and made extra treat bags in case if I need to give to ones I missed and beer and a cozy for my drinking friends. I had fun making all the treats I just wish I had more time to make it more cuter but with the nephew's in town I just didn't. I even wore my green socks and my "cheers" t-shirt to work. I think it was an great and happy time last week and last Monday too.  
 Now, this week is catching up week.So to speak, you know sleep, cat naps reading my blogs I follow. Next week I hope I can catch up before the Scrapbook Expo in Sandy. I know I was to suppose to talk about it or write about it and I know I will be taking pictures for next weekend. Im taking a whole week off from one of my job. THANK goodness I need the time off. I think I will be writing another post maybe,maybe not will see. Well I hope your week was a good week.  

yea! my # and yes there eyeballs

Woodshed in SLC

at the Gateway Mall

represent yo!

I like the bag pipers

I guess the nephew's try to take it off the truck

they crack me up

my two nephews so grown up

my St. Patty's treat bags

and many more

my green socks on a special day
pot o'gold for your thoughts

damn! my friends are so lucky. Ps. yes I watchin Rich Kids from Beverly Hills I don't know why but I was

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I struck gold!

I found gold! I found gold!  Yesterday I went to town (meaning Orem/Provo) with Karen. Kinda went window shopping and looking for gold.  I didnt think of taking pictures on my little trip, I wasn't thinking of that while I'm out about ooops! But we looked at Hobby Lobby, Old Navy. I cant believe how spring/summer is approaching.  I seen a lot of ladies wearing sandals and shorts. I think a lot of ladies are wanting to get out of the winter havoc.  Me, I prefer chill days that doesnt past 60 degrees. Im not a summer suuny person, even though I lived in Arizona half my life.  I prefer cool days and cool nights its much better that way.
So back on my journey I looked at Zurchers party store,  they did carry the coins but it was $1.83 for a bag. I thought maybe I could look somewhere else maybe more but less. I looked at the Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Rite Aide and the place you didnt think you would find is Walgreens.  Its was actually 88 cents but for two was $1.79 so about 4 cents cheaper. I went ahead and purchase the Hershey's nuggets.  For a sample I wanted make sure their were good chocolates,  yep they were. I boughts nuggets to use when I run out of the coins. I can't wait to get it done. Im just looking at the calendar and I have about a week to go uh oh. I guess I have to stay on time and on  budget, oh wait there is no budget. Have a good week.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week in Review

This past week was the same as usual. going to work, going to the gym and doing odds and ends. Trying to get up on time for work was hard all last week, I don't know why sometimes I can be find and able to get up a certain time but this past week was an effort to get up.
 I did find some more little pots for St.Patricks, I found like 6 more I'm so excited! I went to JoAnn's in Orem, I was scavenging like a mad woman people were staring wondering what I was doing on my hands and knees looking in the bins. Hey, its the only way to find what your looking for especially in a fabric/craft store. 
 It was a heck it week and working my night shift wasn't fun at all, but my friend Anna Marie was kind of enough to surprise me with another cookie. Omg! it really made my night just because dealing with customers (sometimes its not a bad thing), cleaning tasks, and helping other partners takes alot from one person. But oh my gosh, I was so happy and I couldn't wait to eat it. But I didn't eat until the next day because it looked so good I wanted to wait for a special moment. I seriously have to go to Salt lake to find this bakery!  I'm still thinking about the last time I had the cherry cookies, I need to get them. 
 Yesterday, I had "Club" with some members of the group. Its just a get together with ladies who like to craft and what not. This month, I decided to have "club" at my sister Karen's house. Karen and I made spinach wraps, fruit bowl, cocktails and spring rolls. Deb and Carissa, brought some pasta salad. It was very yummy, my brother-in-law about ate the whole thing very delish. Also have two more people brought some chips and quinoa salad, I never had that it was very good.
omg! whats in side.
Ahhh! looks gooood!
 Now its the clean up and back to the chaotic rat race, now on thinking of my next up coming events a couple of birthdays and can't forget St. Patricks.  Another round up of clean up and working on cards, treats and oh yes! there is convention coming up in Sandy Utah, the scrapbook expo. I'm way excited to attend this year! more details on that this coming month. So until next time have a good week.
preparing for "club"