Saturday, August 31, 2013

Having a sip at....Art City Coffee

Today, I went out shopping by myself. I started out very late in the day, I was up to go by 10 am this morning but I was being lazy since this was my first day off after a week of work; so I laid about during mid-morning. When I got up and actually left the house I decided to try a different coffee shop. Before that I stopped at the fabric store in Spanish Fork, then headed to Springville, Utah. Its not very far from I live its about 5 mins on the freeway heading north on the I-15. 
 The Art City Coffee shop, is located in a little shopping center.Its kinda hidden by a fast food restuarant it sits back in a awkward place and when you see the mona lisa your there. parking is not that all that but your able to find a space. 
 When you come in its a long semi-narrow store, the register is right off the front doors. When looking straight towards the back of the coffee house you can see there is a little stage for performances, couple of tables not a whole lot and to the left of the wall there is a long table against the wall facing some local artists work. The only light is coming from the front of the store of course there is lights. But it seems kinda dim when looking towards the back. Its quaint, very small. When I was there was just several customers, very low key. But a good place to read, just relax.
  I came in an order an ice coffee with white chocolate and amaretto. When the barista was making my drink she told me she ran out of ice coffee. I was kinda bum but she suggested an americano. I said yes, eventhough I don't really like them. Its too strong for me, this time I opted to try it since I need some caffeine really bad. The barista, was very nice about it and I think she charged me a for a ice coffee.I had to have some flavor and soy. in my americano I can't take it straight, yes I'm a chicken. It was very tasty, was not bitter, or had that strong taste. I think she put a lil too much of the syrup.I didn't care at this point I needed my caffeine but I was very happy to drink my very first americano.I give two thumbs up. 
  I like coming to Art City, when I do have the chance. I just forget its there and I'm always in a hurry to get where I need to go. But when I do, I usually try to pick one up when I'm in the area shopping. I try to give back to the local business. If you wanna check it out the address is: Art City coffee 484 south 1750 west Springville Utah . Just take freeway exit 260 from I-15. If your coming from the North or South. you head towards the east and right off the freeway; you will see it on your right.  always try something new. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

My morning

This past week, I actually had time to make a french press. I usually make one when I can't get to my local coffee shop. I don't mind making one once in awhile, I just hate cleaning up especially the grounds its a mess. But I wanted to that morning, because I rarely have time to myself. You know read yesterday's news, watching the news and t.v. programs, checking the internet and actually having breakfast. It was nice but I felt like I needed to do something productive than sit at the kitchen counter, but I forget to have time to myself and pace myself. I'm always on the go or doing something, but that particular morning I made myself sit and enjoy the morning whats left of it.
Sadly, I'm the only one who uses the french press. I try teaching my sister, I don't think she wants to do all the steps of making a cup. So I guess I'm the only one who will enjoy it all by herself.
I hurried upstairs and grabbed my sketch book and had a little drawing session. It was very quick, I could be more detail but I didn't have the patience and sit there and draw. It was a quick drawing, I need to get back in to sketching but time is killing me. I know don't use excuses just do it. I know.
  It was actually nice to have a good morning and enjoyed it, usually I'm still asleep or doing something. So when have that time to yourself try and make the most of it. Because you will never know when you get day again.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Craft Lake City Recap

    First things first, I was actually suppose to post my pictures from the Faire on Saturday, but something happened last Friday. I was so so upset and depress, hurt and sad and wanted to cry. My laptop died, kaput, gone (well hopefully not gone), it went bye-bye. Arrgghh! I was upset and not in a happy mood, I had my brother-n-law look at my laptop. He's dealt with computers before and a pretty good expert, I was hoping it was something little. So After I came home from the Craft Lake City, I thought it would be fixed.To dismay it couldn't be fixed. He told me that a new hard drive might fixed it, luckily he was kind and generous and lend me his old laptop until I get a new hard drive and get my laptop fixed. I'm just worried about my pictures, I know I know I should of backed up but I didn't (my fault).I don't know how long until my sorry-ass laptop will be fixed and ready. All I think of is my pictures, it makes me sad to think of it all gone, just gone. There was some personal photos that I wanted to remember, just thinking about it makes me depress.  Anyway lets just hope I can save my laptop and I'm just glad I can still post on my blog. I don't want to think of it (pitcures) its gonna make me sad again. I need to move on and focus on other things. 
Like my Craft Lake City Faire, Karen and I went Friday night. We rode up to Salt Lake, to the Gallivan Center right smack in the city. The entrance was free, and tons of local artisans.There was so many things to look at in a short little time.There's quite of few jewelry, bags, handmade dresses, some vintage clothing, soaps, and letterpress items.
I think looking around distracted me of taking pictures because all of a sudden it got dark, haha. My sister and I waited till we got there and ate, we had pizza from "The Pie" best pizza ever and lemonade from "Large's Lemonade" I wanted to take picture of it but it was pretty dark when we ate. I can tell you this, it was very delish, and tasty mm,mm. The lemonade oh my gosh! very tasty I had it with raspberry flavor very tart and sweet. It was good a dinner. 
There was food trucks but we didn't get any there because one was serving seafood and I can't have seafood after an allergic reaction. Another one was selling like noodles, it was not hittin the spot but I guess the pizza was calling us.
Before it got dark, I stopped by these guys. They were selling coffee, I bought a pour over for $2.They grind the coffee and made a cup for me. The beans looked very light, he told me the taste would be sweet, and light. I also bought a bottle of ice coffee for home about $5. Sadly its all gone, I finished the rest of the bottle this morning. They told me they will be selling their coffee at a local coffee shop but can shop online on their website I asked in advance if I could take a picture of them making my drink, they said yes but they were acting kinda shy about it. 
I don't know who was playing but looking out, the crowd all around is huge. It was pretty busy before we left and it was almost closing time too. 
I don't know who these guys were, but they sounded good I guess. I was busy chomping on a piece of gum while I was taking pictures. 
 I had a great time and my sister too, it was nice to have something like this around because there aren't many places that show case local artisans. I just wish they have more events like this near my house. I don't mind traveling to the city, its nice to get away from the suburbia life good times. ;)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

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<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Craft Lake City

Is that time again, the Craft Lake City in Salt Lake. I cannot wait, its an annual event where local artisans sell their hand made goods. They have live bands, food, drinks and things to buy. Its one of my favorite thing to do check out the merchandise, music and of course food! Yes, I'm a foodie. I love great food and I like to try differents drinks too. I'm going this Friday, with my sister Karen. I decided to go first day because I know it will be too hot to walk around during the day. Plus, it would be an excuse to have dinner and drinks in the city yay! I'm excited to go and I will take pictures for sure. check out the website for more

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Still in progress

I decided to work on some of my pages this afternoon, before I went into work tonight. Its a bummer when I have to "really" work when I can this more. Its more fun to this than actually "working," {sigh} Oh well, at least this book is getting done. I even took a cat nap earlier, but now I'm off to work. booo! 
My work space is a disaster! uggh. Just think of cleaning makes me more lazy. Anyway I'm off to my real job. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Scrapbooking late tonight

I'm working on my birthday pages as I type right now. I've been kinda in a rut trying to figure out how I want the pages. I'm trying not to stress about it while I'm doing it, maybe I need to put in Bjork and work while I listen to her. I {heart} Bjork, she's very creative in her music and you can tell in her songs.She may be different at least she uses her creative side make something so good to listen too. 
 So yea, I think I need not to stress about this "birthday book," and work and let the creative come out and take over. As you can see, I'm using my table not the dinner table. So tonight is scrap night and hopefully I can squeeze another page.