Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Month of June 2012

This is my latest mini album I  made so far this year.I actually finished this back in May, it took me over a
year to finish this book. It was suppose to be done within a couple of months, but I got caught up in my work and had a second job, I was dealing with family and friends. So I was quite busy last year. After it's been sitting on my work table I knew I needed to get it done I don't like to have projects that are half-way done I needed get back on it and finish it this year. 

I got the idea from pinterest, prompts for instagram from a website called fatmumslim. She made lists every month for instagram. I can't get instagram on my phone, so I had an idea to make prompts for scrapbooking. It helped a lot because I was stuck in the ideas department. I wanted something different than scrapbooking  the same ol' thing. Like b-days, family outings or what not. I had a fun time doing it for a whole month but sticking to taking pictures was a bit hard. Putting the album took me quite some time, because I had to find  a size, making the pages and keeping it in order. After making the album I realize I can make the pages ahead of time, I think thats what took me a long time to finish. I was hoping it wouldn't be so thick but it didn't turn out that way, I use rings to put it together.
  I wanted to make this into an album because I wasn't scrapbooking a whole lot the past year and needed a jumping off point to start up again. I've been kind rusty for some time and needed the ideas, something new to make another album. Hopefully, maybe this coming month I'm gonna make another mini-album for the month of July. 
   So get ideas, get inspire and make something cool and make your own art take something unusual and make it your way, there is no right way to making art. Have a good Saturday, I hope I do.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Art Festival

Last Sunday, my sister Karen and I attended the Arts Festival in Salt Lake. It was on the grounds of the Salt Lake City Library and Washington Square. I was glad to attend this year, the last time I went was maybe few years back with my nephew and niece. But this year was pretty cool,We visited some art booths, ate some teriyaki chicken and of course down some with beer, ahh it was a good day and a good day off. This year, I was really surprised they served wine too! I was really please they had other option than beer, soft drinks and water.  they had some cool artists, food vendors, and different range of  music. The festival was a bit expensive it cost $12 bucks to get in, the food and of course if wanna buy art. My sister Karen and I signed up for workshop at the Leonardo, to make a book out of recycled items but unfortunately the class was canceled at the last minute. I was very disappointed because I was looking forward to making something that I really enjoyed. Luckily, we got our refunds back and use that towards drinks haha! It was nice sunny day; high in the 80's with clouds and cool winds here and there even though I don't like being sun that much. So yea, I actually had a good day off and enjoyed my time off at the festival. I can't wait for more festivities this summer.
I'm not sure who was the artist who did this graffiti but I like this kind of art, it was located at the young adult area.
I thought this was cool, I think they panels and put it all together.

Karen and I made buttons from magazines, it cost $3 to make a button. It was a good cause I didn't mind paying that much. Craft Lake city sponsored the event.
this is what I picked out, I was buzzin at the time but at least I was enjoying my time doing it haha.
Ta-Dahhh! A finished product, I love my little pin. I will remember my time at the festival.
This is the band called Minx, they played in one of the stage at the festival. They were a pretty neat sounding group, they kinda reminded me of the sound of the 80's or so. The girl had a good voice, I liked their sound.
this was in the Leonardo, looking up, they had some installation of some floating thing on the ceiling, pretty neat.
my contribution to the art fest, a little doodle that was located in the Leonardo. they had art stations located in the Leonardo where you can add your art.
Ahhh,thank art fest you made my Sunday. I had a great time. Hopefully we see each other next year.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scrapbooking away-Mini album Halloween paper bag book

I know it's not Halloween yet, or near October. But I wanted to show my little book I've done so far. I've always wanted to do a paper bag book. I had all this halloween paper stashed away, I needed to use it or do something with it so I made this book. I don't know why I like making little books more than making pages. I think its because of what little things you can put into it, like embellishments, pockets, buttons, stickers and ribbon. I love ribbon I have so much sometimes I hoard it and I know I need use it but its sooo hard not too, lol.
I left all the pages blank because I need to search through my pictures of this book. Every time I make a little book I try to make it simple but the creative side of me keeps throwing ideas after ideas. I get bogged down of different ideas and ways to make this little book. But I know that I wanted to look cool, cute and get all the oohh's and awww's from friends and family.

 Right now, I'm catching up with all my holidays. I still have my b-day from last January to do next. That's my next project if I can get to it, that one will be 12x12 pages, because I have so so many to document.
I just wanted to display of one my holiday book, Halloween. Its one of my favorite holidays in the states. From this book, I will probably do another one "paper bag" book maybe a summer theme one maybe. Will see, have a good Tuesday. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scrapbooking Away-mini albums-summer with the nephew & niece

I made this when my nephew Boo (Lawrence)& and my niece Shana, They spent the summer with us in Utah.They both live in Northern Arizona. I wanted to show them the suburban life and the city (Salt Lake) They never been to the city besides Phoenix.
This is my niece shana, Boo and shana and I went miniature golfing. Poor  Shana was frustrated  with ball and trying to get in the whole.
I took both of them to Bridal Falls in the Provo Canyon, and other places, and we also went to the city for  a day .
I found some book boards and used that as my template, and I just measured out the pages to fit into the book. I gather some patterned paper I wasn't using at all and lots of rubs-on and white gel pen and decorated my pages. Basically, I use what I have in my scrapbook stash. I try to use up all my material that I have on hand and when I run out I can buy some more. 
Boo, loved the frappuccino's we had to stop at the Gateway mall to get him one.

I don't think any of em' never took transit before, Shana was  a little weary but BOo loved it. These two wore me out , I had lots of fun with these two. I remember there were babies in diapers now look at them hoodlums, lol                    

towards the end, I didn't what to do, so I just cut up some paper and call it good. and Thickers for the  "end

I had fun making this album with the kids, just a good memory of them while they're still young, hopefully when there my age and show them the good times we had.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

scrapbooking away-Fall Book

This was inspired from my little Fall tag book I post not too long ago. I love Fall it's my favorite season, because of the colors and the earth tones and there is always a crisp in the air. I've been working on this since 2005, till this day I still work in it. I wanted to display my favorite places and I do during fall season. My goal is to finish this book, I don't like leaving it half way done like my other projects. If I do I will show all its glory.

Here are a few of my pages from my fall book, you don't realize how  much fall embellishments I have for this book, I went over board on leaves, fall colors and more.