Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scrapbooking Away-mini albums-summer with the nephew & niece

I made this when my nephew Boo (Lawrence)& and my niece Shana, They spent the summer with us in Utah.They both live in Northern Arizona. I wanted to show them the suburban life and the city (Salt Lake) They never been to the city besides Phoenix.
This is my niece shana, Boo and shana and I went miniature golfing. Poor  Shana was frustrated  with ball and trying to get in the whole.
I took both of them to Bridal Falls in the Provo Canyon, and other places, and we also went to the city for  a day .
I found some book boards and used that as my template, and I just measured out the pages to fit into the book. I gather some patterned paper I wasn't using at all and lots of rubs-on and white gel pen and decorated my pages. Basically, I use what I have in my scrapbook stash. I try to use up all my material that I have on hand and when I run out I can buy some more. 
Boo, loved the frappuccino's we had to stop at the Gateway mall to get him one.

I don't think any of em' never took transit before, Shana was  a little weary but BOo loved it. These two wore me out , I had lots of fun with these two. I remember there were babies in diapers now look at them hoodlums, lol                    

towards the end, I didn't what to do, so I just cut up some paper and call it good. and Thickers for the  "end

I had fun making this album with the kids, just a good memory of them while they're still young, hopefully when there my age and show them the good times we had.