Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scrapbooking away-Mini album Halloween paper bag book

I know it's not Halloween yet, or near October. But I wanted to show my little book I've done so far. I've always wanted to do a paper bag book. I had all this halloween paper stashed away, I needed to use it or do something with it so I made this book. I don't know why I like making little books more than making pages. I think its because of what little things you can put into it, like embellishments, pockets, buttons, stickers and ribbon. I love ribbon I have so much sometimes I hoard it and I know I need use it but its sooo hard not too, lol.
I left all the pages blank because I need to search through my pictures of this book. Every time I make a little book I try to make it simple but the creative side of me keeps throwing ideas after ideas. I get bogged down of different ideas and ways to make this little book. But I know that I wanted to look cool, cute and get all the oohh's and awww's from friends and family.

 Right now, I'm catching up with all my holidays. I still have my b-day from last January to do next. That's my next project if I can get to it, that one will be 12x12 pages, because I have so so many to document.
I just wanted to display of one my holiday book, Halloween. Its one of my favorite holidays in the states. From this book, I will probably do another one "paper bag" book maybe a summer theme one maybe. Will see, have a good Tuesday.