Wednesday, July 31, 2013

311 concert with Cypress Hill

Karen and I went to a concert last night at the USANA amphitheatre, in West Valley Utah. I bought tickets about two weeks ago, the tickets were bit much. It was well worth it because this time we were few rows back from the pit. Money well spent. Omgosh! these guys are one my favorite band. I started listening to them when I was in high school. It just reminded me when I was in drafting class in school and hanging with my older sister Karen. She would always had the car radio on X96, I would remember some songs and brought back memories.
 This wasn't the only band I wanted to see, I wanted to see Cypress Hill, one of my all time favorite group when I was high school. there not a clean cut band, but I like them they played more rap. I still like it to this day. 
Cypress Hill, came on early before 311. I was glad to see them I've never seen them alive before. They still sounded awesome, I was enjoying my time at the concert. I had the best time ever with Karen too.
Cheers! best time ever! 


Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Birthday mini album

It's been awhile since I last wrote, its been quite busy a lot things had to be taken care of family, work  and sleep. But I've been working on a new book, yea I know I said I was gonna do a 12x12 page. I couldn't work around it, I kept getting frustrated I think its because of the size. I don't like it when I get frustrated I usually go with my first instinct, which is making a mini album. I measured out  all of my pages to 8x8 and I'm making my own pages and bind it with jump rings. Because I have a feeling it's going to be thick and I don't want to use  my bind-it-all because the wire is not thick enough to bind a fat album. So anyway, this is my project here  is some pages not a whole lot, to tell you now the pages will be different page by page but the theme is  "mustache," and "black-n-white".
I have so many pictures from birthday bash, I try to include all the pictures that night because I didn't want to leave anything out I want to remember what all happened, lets just say I kinda don't remember towards the end of the night,lol.
I had lots of fun from the party, I'm so happy I threw a party at home because my birthday is in January, and its not fun going out in the snow. I'm gonna kill it with the mustache! haha.
It was a challenge to put so many pictures on a small album. I wish I had program to reduce the size. I try to work what I have on hand. I'm sad that 'Inkly's" is not longer around. I love how they developed their pictures. I just went to walmart. I'm not impress with them anymore but I think I will try somewhere else. 
 Tomorrow, I will make time to scrap it will be my stress-free day. I'm itching to scrap again, but work is calling me right now, booo!