Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Birthday mini album

It's been awhile since I last wrote, its been quite busy a lot things had to be taken care of family, work  and sleep. But I've been working on a new book, yea I know I said I was gonna do a 12x12 page. I couldn't work around it, I kept getting frustrated I think its because of the size. I don't like it when I get frustrated I usually go with my first instinct, which is making a mini album. I measured out  all of my pages to 8x8 and I'm making my own pages and bind it with jump rings. Because I have a feeling it's going to be thick and I don't want to use  my bind-it-all because the wire is not thick enough to bind a fat album. So anyway, this is my project here  is some pages not a whole lot, to tell you now the pages will be different page by page but the theme is  "mustache," and "black-n-white".
I have so many pictures from birthday bash, I try to include all the pictures that night because I didn't want to leave anything out I want to remember what all happened, lets just say I kinda don't remember towards the end of the night,lol.
I had lots of fun from the party, I'm so happy I threw a party at home because my birthday is in January, and its not fun going out in the snow. I'm gonna kill it with the mustache! haha.
It was a challenge to put so many pictures on a small album. I wish I had program to reduce the size. I try to work what I have on hand. I'm sad that 'Inkly's" is not longer around. I love how they developed their pictures. I just went to walmart. I'm not impress with them anymore but I think I will try somewhere else. 
 Tomorrow, I will make time to scrap it will be my stress-free day. I'm itching to scrap again, but work is calling me right now, booo!