Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Month of June 2012

This is my latest mini album I  made so far this year.I actually finished this back in May, it took me over a
year to finish this book. It was suppose to be done within a couple of months, but I got caught up in my work and had a second job, I was dealing with family and friends. So I was quite busy last year. After it's been sitting on my work table I knew I needed to get it done I don't like to have projects that are half-way done I needed get back on it and finish it this year. 

I got the idea from pinterest, prompts for instagram from a website called fatmumslim. She made lists every month for instagram. I can't get instagram on my phone, so I had an idea to make prompts for scrapbooking. It helped a lot because I was stuck in the ideas department. I wanted something different than scrapbooking  the same ol' thing. Like b-days, family outings or what not. I had a fun time doing it for a whole month but sticking to taking pictures was a bit hard. Putting the album took me quite some time, because I had to find  a size, making the pages and keeping it in order. After making the album I realize I can make the pages ahead of time, I think thats what took me a long time to finish. I was hoping it wouldn't be so thick but it didn't turn out that way, I use rings to put it together.
  I wanted to make this into an album because I wasn't scrapbooking a whole lot the past year and needed a jumping off point to start up again. I've been kind rusty for some time and needed the ideas, something new to make another album. Hopefully, maybe this coming month I'm gonna make another mini-album for the month of July. 
   So get ideas, get inspire and make something cool and make your own art take something unusual and make it your way, there is no right way to making art. Have a good Saturday, I hope I do.

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