Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I know it's been awhile since I last logged in, alot of things were going on. Every time I want to get something done, it's too late in the evening or early in the morning to do anything; then its time to go back to work.
 Well I've done some crafting while I had the time. I made a birthday  book for a friend at work, and made some recycle books for  sale. The ones I have made are just samples, I'm planning to make different styles soon. There is a whole list in my head to make, I know I should write it down but then I forget  and go on a different idea.
My work station has move downstairs on to the kitchen table. My work table upstairs is covered with crap. I ended having my new crap downstairs. Oops!
Lately, I've been trying to find new music. The music at work is kind of blah! So I'm trying to find some decent music to listen to at work. Also, I'm looking for some music to listen while I'm working on my projects.Its whole alot of listening, Its taking me several days to find some good music.
One of inside page
taking a dessert brake with my friend Maritta.

the process of making the book
This is the birthday book I was working on for a friend

my junk

still working on the book

This is recycle book I made out of the coffee sleeve

inside the coffee book

here are some pages inside the coffee book

I made back of the book simple 

The back of the book something simple
 Well, I better go now the mess on the table is calling me, so I better move it. Until next time.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yea, its my day off

Yes, it is my day off. I'm glad I needed to rest, and back was hurting me a bit. I actually  didn't get the storage when I suppose too. I think at this moment my orange juice was important. I still need take pictures of my projects or current project.
 Just trying to get myself up and do something productive.Maybe after this entry I need to upstairs and start working.ha ha haha.
 Ahh yes, I'm going scrapbooking! I need to work on my pictures again, I neglected my scrapping I'm going with my close friend Maritta.She too is a scrappbooker. I think she's the only the person who I can talk too about paper, embellishments and more paper. So were going this Friday night, that's my night out! I will take pictures for that night. I need to get to  my stuff for the event, I actually cant wait, something I can do without going insane.
 I'm going to try to accomplish something today, maybe do laundry, clean room, catch up on my shows.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Just to day to plan and think whats ahead

I need to do alot of stuff, like cleaning my work area, I need to buy containers for my stuff. Just alot of stuff to do and think about. Whats on my mind is getting storage, I was planning to do it yesterday; but I was hurtin so maybe in the morning because I have to goto work soon. I need to goto my storage soon, but with all this snow and cold I dont know. Today and all night I'll be thinking about storage.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First of January

I cannot believe it, its the first of the new year! Wow, cannot believe its 2011, how time flies. I want to do a new blog about being creative, make things for myself  family and friends. Write about every day life for me and my surroundings. I wouldn't think I would ever write about me, my art, my family and friends.
I do want to focus mainly on making stuff, just anything to deal with art, being creative, what inspires me to do thing, why I like art so much.
   I'm just writing whats ever in my head right now. So just be patience, also  I was working on my blog, on how I wanted it to look like. I just wanted to write before I get lazy and not do anything about it.
   I think I have ADD or something, because I have all these projects that I do, but I never finished them. So maybe doing this blog it might help  keep up with my projects. No, seriously I have tons of stuff going on its not even funny. I also want to start selling my stuff too. Even though;  I don't believe in resolutions, I want to make stuff to sell and sell them at crafts shows. You know make money, but I just love making things. So in the future I will take pictures of my crafty projects.
Please follow my blog and you can make comments, suggest or whatever. I will be evermore happy if you just comment on my blog. I have two, so follow both if you want. Let just say one is too bitch and moan and the other please, and enjoy hahaha. I'm kidding. Or you can tell your story or something to share, either way I wouldn't mind at all just don't hurt my feelings.
 So I hope you will all like blog, and enjoy......