Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Crafting the night away

Its been crazy, fun and no time for me, I'm not complaining but I feel like everytime I wanna make things I dont have time. Something comes up at the last minute, I'm like really?  But im trying to work on things as much as I can, at the same trying to get my sleep too. im a bit sad though,  because I felt Christmas came upon us quick,  dont cha think? I feel like I havent really enjoyed it, I've enjoyed the most of getting the gunk of my tire wells with built up snow, scary driving to work, waking up to a windy dark morning and driving in the cold, oh fun,  lol. But im happy now that im able to spend with family just making stuff together or, just listen to them.
The joy of Christmas,  procrastinating on shopping, crafting, and snow, wintery nights with blowing cold wind, enjoy the company of family and sipping on a homemade hot chocolate or a hot butter rum, haha.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Making spirits bright

Its been past couple of months since I last wrote. Lots of things have happened, family situations that need to be taken care of, working and taking another job, and try to get my personal life back on track.
I'm crafting again, since were in a whole new month and its December. Yay!  This, I want to enjoy Christmas joy and have fun with this new month.  So I will be doing my version of Daily December,  I have seen this done with scrap bookers and doucument the whole month of december. Some stop on the 25th but I'm going beyond until the New year. Were now in the 3rd of Dec., and I still doucument today. 
I hope I'm I make it through until Christmas, still lots to do. Shopping needs to be done, cleaning always,  and more crafting to do.
Today it snowed!  Enjoy the day while I clean up and get dress.