Friday, August 23, 2013

My morning

This past week, I actually had time to make a french press. I usually make one when I can't get to my local coffee shop. I don't mind making one once in awhile, I just hate cleaning up especially the grounds its a mess. But I wanted to that morning, because I rarely have time to myself. You know read yesterday's news, watching the news and t.v. programs, checking the internet and actually having breakfast. It was nice but I felt like I needed to do something productive than sit at the kitchen counter, but I forget to have time to myself and pace myself. I'm always on the go or doing something, but that particular morning I made myself sit and enjoy the morning whats left of it.
Sadly, I'm the only one who uses the french press. I try teaching my sister, I don't think she wants to do all the steps of making a cup. So I guess I'm the only one who will enjoy it all by herself.
I hurried upstairs and grabbed my sketch book and had a little drawing session. It was very quick, I could be more detail but I didn't have the patience and sit there and draw. It was a quick drawing, I need to get back in to sketching but time is killing me. I know don't use excuses just do it. I know.
  It was actually nice to have a good morning and enjoyed it, usually I'm still asleep or doing something. So when have that time to yourself try and make the most of it. Because you will never know when you get day again.

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