Sunday, March 9, 2014

I struck gold!

I found gold! I found gold!  Yesterday I went to town (meaning Orem/Provo) with Karen. Kinda went window shopping and looking for gold.  I didnt think of taking pictures on my little trip, I wasn't thinking of that while I'm out about ooops! But we looked at Hobby Lobby, Old Navy. I cant believe how spring/summer is approaching.  I seen a lot of ladies wearing sandals and shorts. I think a lot of ladies are wanting to get out of the winter havoc.  Me, I prefer chill days that doesnt past 60 degrees. Im not a summer suuny person, even though I lived in Arizona half my life.  I prefer cool days and cool nights its much better that way.
So back on my journey I looked at Zurchers party store,  they did carry the coins but it was $1.83 for a bag. I thought maybe I could look somewhere else maybe more but less. I looked at the Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Rite Aide and the place you didnt think you would find is Walgreens.  Its was actually 88 cents but for two was $1.79 so about 4 cents cheaper. I went ahead and purchase the Hershey's nuggets.  For a sample I wanted make sure their were good chocolates,  yep they were. I boughts nuggets to use when I run out of the coins. I can't wait to get it done. Im just looking at the calendar and I have about a week to go uh oh. I guess I have to stay on time and on  budget, oh wait there is no budget. Have a good week.

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