Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Very Late Post

I'm Back!! I know I was AWOL for a second. But, I have several pictures and small adventures I had this month of August to share with you all. I can't believe August is almost over and a few days it will be September. YaY!!! you know what that means,, Fall will be here as you know it. I've already see the trees against the mountain in Utah are turning. Well I can't wait!!! I can not wait! until the first day of Fall!!!
 So anyways, Few weeks ago, I went to the Craft Lake City in Salt Lake at the Gallivan Center in downtown area. It's vendors from all over Utah, mostly around the metro area, display their wearable art, food, jewelry anything that is handmade from local people, you can buy from them too.Also hear the music and several food truck to choose.
 Karen and I went on the first day just because my mom's birthday was that weekend and we went on the first day of the show. This year was August 12th-14th. So the twelfth was the only day to check it out. The first day it opened at 5p.m. We actually arrive late, when we got there I wanted to head straight up to the V.I.P section because the good stuff are always gone. The V.I.P section was on a second floor looking over the venue and had a patio to chill. They serve alcohol, couple of sandwiches, popsicles and some workshop to attend but we didn't get go to that, instead we enjoy our two free drinks and ate some food and I had a popsicle.
 We just chill for an hour so, and I that time I was kinda buzzin but that's okay lol, After our freebies, we wanted to check out the venue, But my sister was hungry and we ate at one of the food trucks. It was pretty good. By the time were eating the venue was about closing and we just end up going home. I was kinda bummed we didn't get see what vendors were selling.
 Yea, I was pretty bum we didn't to look around. I wanted to come back up But I thought my mom's birthday was more important. I think for sure next time I will try a two-day pass. I was actually thinking of volunteering next year. Just because I want to get in free and enjoy more time up there. Well see I guess, I hope it works out I can't wait until next year!
I have my local adventures all line up after this post. I promise! It will be up. a look back on my
August adventures.



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