Sunday, July 31, 2016


Last Friday, I gather with my friend (from work) and my sister to have coffee and talk about what's up with our lives and just sit enjoy our coffee and relax from our busy four-day work week.
 Its nice to enjoy the day, especially in the morning because it's still a week day and everyone is heading off to work. Also, the coffee house is partly empty and can enjoy the less crowded place. 
My friend, Scottie of whom I met through my work. Is a humble, nice, patient, funny gal and she loves coffee. My sister and I all work together and even though we work in the same room, same dept. we hardly get to talk because it's pretty strict, talking at work is not an option. We try to set up a day to have coffee, luckily Scottie, was able to get away from home to come and have a cup of coffee that Friday morning.

I have a section in my blog about the coffee houses I visit called Sip&Chill, and I thought about writing a two-fer today about my daily adventure. 
You might think different when talking about coffee houses in the states, it's not like the ones you see in pinterest, instagram, or any other places in social media. They show cute, quaint, hipster romantic coffee houses. Here in Utah. I live in Utah county, they don't really have coffee house unless it's Starbucks and just a very few like I mean three-or-four coffee houses I know. Its because its predominantly a Mormon county and they don't drink coffee. Well, I don't want to get into the religion aspect of it.
 Anyway, Karen and I picked Beans&Brews, in American Fork, (we just found out their building new one near point of the mountain in Highland). This location is near a shopping plaza, quite busy with fast food places and costco is just walking distant. Also, a drive-thru. I guess if you're on the go, you must have it like it's a mickey "D's" just saying. I detest drive-thru's it's doesn't make it like a coffee shop. At all. This one particular, they have booths inside to your right, but yet it feels like a restaurant when I walk in, they have couple of stand alone tables in front of you and cushion chairs to the side on to the left. 
 I've been here of couple of times, it looks like they downsize of some things. They use to have quite of selection of pastries but now carry some breakfast items. Use to have a shelf of different kinds of beans, that's gone just a handful of carefully selected coffee beans. Their selection of coffees, I had a drink called the Caramel Cielo. Just a latte with caramel syrup and marshmallow syrup with caramel sauce on top. I don't like a drink that is very sweet, I always tell the barista half the syrup with my choice of milk. I like to have mine with soy, this time they had almond milk. I also had a breakfast burrito, just a typical egg, bacon and cheese. (I don't get why there is cheese in breakfast burritos but anyway) because I didn't eat that morning so I had that. It looked pre-made just heat it up and its done, it's was actually pretty good I had it some chile sauce (YUM!) I was happy with my selection. 
 The barista who help us was nice, she was helpful. Not to bad. But the music was pretty loud, that's why we sat outside so we can talk and hear each other. I wish the patio was a patio, was just one table on a sidewalk and was blocking the walk-way for passengers. 
It was a kinda loud area, just a lot of activity around us in the parking lot. People doing their errands and the hustle and bustle of a suburban life. I don't mind coming here again, its was just the convenience for our friend to meet. Even though Karen and I drove half-n-hour to get here. It's okay it was well worth it with friends and sister time who enjoys coffee.
coffee shop in AF/Lehi here is the link of the shop I went to, sorry I didn't get a image when I was there I was too busy enjoying my company with my sister Karen and my friend Scottie.  
 I hope you enjoy your coffee time

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