Sunday, July 17, 2016


Just yesterday, on Saturday. My sister and I went to a event in Salt Lake, at the public library in downtown. The AltPress Festival, its a once a year event that is held in the library foyer. They had several artists that showcase their zines, writing, photography, and art. It a small festival that had a handful of zines artists at the event. This is the only event in the city that I know that has a small following for this type of artwork (there probably are some but I don't know any beside this one). Even the library carries zine books on their shelves, just gotta ask where their located in their library. If you don't know what is a zine is, can find it here
  This year, there were art displays from the artists, make-n-takes, discussions and some were selling their zine books, prints, and apparel. I had the chance to make a little bookmark and played bingo or "zinego," Karen and I had to visit the artists booths and have your card stamped and when you're done filling out your card, we had a choice of either a poster or a print on a bandana; I chose the bandana. 
 I had fun, I always had fun at these kinds of events. I wish they would have more like this closer to me, I mean I don't mind traveling into the city for one event. Plus it's an excuse to get away from the suburban life, we like to enjoy something different and always try new things.  Anything that deals with paper, ink, and creativity. I'm always down for it. I'm glad I went out and enjoy the fun of it, I just wanna come home and make something out of paper and use all my inks and cut and cut all into the night. 
 Hmm, I think I might just do that, make something since I having nothing else to do besides sleep and watch tv. 
 Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I think I will go make something right now.

 Here we are at the Altpress Fest in Salt Lake.

  I bought Karen a poster from these artists, they had pretty cool prints.

 We went to the lower level of the library to check out some of the art displays they had, there were pretty cool and there were also pretty big.

  Leftside: The top part of the piece, was the original print and the bottom was the copy. Rightside: was just copies of some prints

 In the library itself, they had a little ink drawing type of thing going on, you can see mine. It was the tiny flowers on the center bottom can't really tell, just did a quick little doodle on the paper.

 This artist here, was printing on t-shirts. The customers would check out her plates and chose what kind of  art they want on their shirt and she would print them out right in front of you.
We wanted to make a book out of scraps of paper but the wait was too long and it was getting pretty warm waiting around so we left and check out the other artist. 


 One artist was making prints on muslin (I think??) and used a steam roller to print out his work. Was pretty neat and look at the print he made, pretty awesome.


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