Sunday, January 3, 2016

What?! Its 2016 already?

It's 2016!! I can't believe it! A whole new year. I still feel it's like 2015, I can't believe it has gone by so fast. Brand whole new year, what will it bring to you and  me. I don't know and I try not to think too much of the future or how it will turn out. I read from other bloggers and what will the new year will bring. Some have resolutions, and goals for 2016, I kinda been thinking about what I want for myself. I think I wrote before I don't do resolutions because I'm not very good at keeping them.
 So this year, I'm thinking of being organized, clutter-free, and trying to keep my goals. This is always with me every year, especially being organized, because I can't live without that word. I know I get lazy and go downhill,I know have to keep it up.
 Every Time, I plan something or do something big. It never turns out, so I try to keep it on the down low or don't plan too much on it because things change and have to maneuver my goals, or plans around to accommodated. 
 So this year, will see what will happen as usual. I will ride the wave and go with it and see how it will turn out. I'm still trying to enjoy my extra time, I want to make the most of it. Try to enjoy my down time for working so hard. Will see, will see.
 As you can tell, I've been trying to clean my so-called craft area in my bedroom. I wish I had separate room for my craft stuff. I've been cleaning all day, de-cluttering, organizing, and separating all my paper crap. Lol. This time I've been strict with myself and getting rid, or putting stuff away, that way I will have more room. Half of the day, I shred a lot of my old papers that I don't need. Wow! it was a good site to see all the papers gone, I have tons more but that will have to wait for later. 
 I will be sad, to see my stuff go but I'm trying to keep happy thoughts about what I'm doing. I know what I give away will go to a new home. I can't wait to see how my room will look after all the mess I had before. I'm thinking this might take over a month, just keep working on it over the weekends since I work practically everyday. 
 Sorry about the fuzzy picture, I wanted to hurry and take it and keep working. I like my little cart I bought from Michael's. I bought it while ago, on clearance!! One thing what wrong is that handlebar is built wrong. the screws are put on the opposites side. That's okay as long I can use the baskets and put all my tools I used. It may looked cluttered but I have it working for me, I know all my crap and paper are, but I know I need some more fine tuning soon.
  So this is what I've been doing the past few days in the new year, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. I hope the new year will bring good opportunities, happy moments, and cool times. I just hope.
 May the new year bring joy and happiness, make it great better than 2015.  Happy New Year to you all.

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