Saturday, January 2, 2016

Looking back on December 2015

Looking back December, was a busy month. I just can't believe it's all over, that quick. I felt like it just flew by, little bit to enjoy. I think it was because of my job, I work almost everyday and some on the weekend. I tried enjoy it, the holiday and with family and with some friends.
 My sister kinda sorta decorate my mom's room at the rehab, she's not a big holiday person. But we still decorated even though she had no say in it. Haha.
 I took pictures everyday til the twenty-fifth, I wanted to do the Daily December. I just wanted to do it for the hell of it, something to remind me of what I did, even it was simple not extravagant. I need to print some of my pictures to do the pages. I hope I can get around of putting the album together.
   I was trying to be festive during the holidays. We had some setbacks with family issues and I wanted to be in the holiday spirit. Some issues around me was kinda of a downer but I try to be optimistic. I even watch a whole lot of Hallmark Channel christmas movies, some were cheesy and corny but  I when ahead watched all of them. Hahaha. I couldn't believe myself either, watching shows like that. I don't know just something to do because of my free time.  

I would visit a close friend at my local coffee shop, there are some nights I like to chat and hang out with her even though she's working. I kinda felt bad because she's suppose to be working and I'm kinda disturbing her but I just wanted to say hi and see how's she always doing. Plus, I like bullshitting with her about work and other things. Love her, she cracks me up! 

I like when the holiday season starts. I like driving downtown, stores decorate their front windows and the city put up lights and decorations. It reminds of home, in Arizona.

Karen and I, would go to Salt Lake. We sometimes drive through the city, I just love driving around looking at old homes. It just feel homey and just wanna live up here. Sometimes, I like to dream up and would think of if we did get house and how we would remodel and decorate the place. Lot of dreaming.

Karen and I, did some christmas shopping in the city, we had to refuel and grab something to eat, of course I like my sweet and need to need caffeine.

Karen like pizza of course we had to stop at the Pie Pizza, they have another location. We didn't realize they had another one down south from downtown Salt Lake. It's so good! I love their pizza, good place to eat.

I work at a candy factory, I make icing decorations for bigger companies ie., See's candy, speciality candy shops, sometimes for chocolate companies or Costco, just big companies. Today, Santa Claus came in and chatting with kids that came in to the store, Me, looking into the store.

I had dinner with an old friend, Maritta. We been friends for the longest time. I'm happy I was able to spend time with her, she and I are always busy with our job. We hardly get together, if we do it's usually for birthday's or the holidays. This time. we had dinner afterwards we went christmas shopping.

I love the sunsets here in Utah. Especially during the winter months. I try capturing whenever possible. This sunset lasted only five minutes, I tried taking some but doing in the work parking lot kinda ruin the moment.

I made hot chocolates, coffee and apple cider treat bags for my co-workers for work. Oh my gosh! it was a nightmare trying to get everyone something but on the cheap. I wanted something cute I found some examples on pinterest but did my own take on my cup design. I had the hardest time getting cups. I found some online. But luckily I found some at a restaurant supply store in Salt Lake. Putting together was a bitch! Took me all night to put it together. But the thought that counts.

One day, I decided to take the bus back home. Sometimes I would do that, just for the hell of it. I haven't taken a bus in some years now. I just wanted a ride just take a detour through the town. I don't know just to think I guess,  just once have someone drive and have myself to think and enjoy the moment. Might sounds weird, but thinking and get my thoughts together is stress relief.

Of course, more baking and more baking. We did a batch to give out at work. It was an all nighter. All this for our co-workers. Was a lot of man hours doing all this, but it was all worth it.

Karen and I did some last minute shopping. We like to try different foods. This one we saw a food truck, we had to stop no matter what. It was delish, the food truck was called Bowld Over. This is what I had but I forgot what the name of it. But it was beef with rice and the green was kinda like a chili sauce. Yummy and filling.

We kinda went early, early shopping and where we live its very windy because of the canyon winds. I don't know why, but we have seagulls here. We saw them grounded during the windy early morning. They kept flying towards us I think they thought we had food with us.

We visit our mom during the week, my friend Maritta made this blanket for me for christmas, I was showing it to my mom. I was gonna take it back but she wanted to lay with it because it was warm. So I let her for the night, my mom thought was a cute blanket too.

For christmas, we spent the morning with my little sister and her kids. Oh my gosh! we had to drive in the snow. The roads weren't plow that morning, Karen was going like 40 miles per hour. We got off the closest exit, it was pretty site to see, hardly any or none at all on the roads.

My niece and nephew opening their present on Christmas day, I wanted to take more pictures but end helping out giving out presents. Afterwards, we spent the mid-afternoon with my mom. Karen and I were so tired we kept falling asleep in my moms room.

After all that Karen and I planning to eat out for christmas but end up going home and crash. We were just tired to do anything else. I tried watching Charlie Brown Christmas but end up falling asleep on it TWICE!.

The next day, we had breakfast and went home and opened our presents. Poncho, the family dog got a new christmas shirt. He doesn't like anything on him but I like having him wear something cause he looks cute in the cheesy outfits.

The aftermath, opening our presents and all the mess and paper, and everything else. It was good christmas, even though we had some up and downs. I was kinda sad it went so fast, but  taking the time off and try to enjoy it was a good thing.

December came and gone, just like that. It flew by quick, trying to enjoy the holiday. I'm lucky to spend time with family, friends and making stuff for them was well worth it. 
 Christmas was good like every year before, I hope your last year was a good year and I hope 2016 will be the happiest and best ever for friends and family. 
I hope everyone a great year to come and happiness to whoever reads my blog. I hope to write more soon. Happy New Year.

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