Thursday, December 31, 2015

Highlights of Fall 2015

Sorry I didn't get to put a post the other day, I was having issue with my computer and by the time I had it situated it was time to go bed. 
 When I was going through my pictures and selecting what highlighted my days of fall. I didn't realized I did a lot of stuff during the month of October, and the month of November. 
 My sister and I were looking forward for fall here in Utah, even though we didn't have much rainfall and there wasn't  a whole lot of trees turning not till late in the season. Karen, my sister had her fall socks for this special occasion.

I didn't realized I baked a lot with my sister this fall season, we made some dinners, a lot of baked goods and soups and what not.  We made a lot of baked goods for friends because its much fun when your making for someone else beside ourselves. We like our friends to be happy and I know that we think about them all the time.  

My sister took me to northern Utah. Boy! it was a drive, we took off six in the morning and drove up towards Sardine Canyon. She told me they have the most pretty colors of fall. But when we drove in to the canyon, it looked like it already passed. It was okay, I was much curious of the drive through parts of Utah. I lived here half my life I never really visit the area. I had fun, went to places I've never been, somewhere like very country-esque scenery. We even got lost end up some dirt road and took up nearly two hours to the next town. Um, I don't think well ever do that again. Lol.

For Halloween, we made little gifts and tons of cookies. We had a cookie exchange at our work place and we made cookies for our co-workers. I like to make cute treat bags, that's the fun part making the cute. Anything with paper makes me happy, and I had everything ready before we gave them out and on time not later like I usually do.

Here I go again, baked yummy treats. I made some pumpkin crumb cake. One of my thing is I like to collect recipes and save em for days I want to make something good. I kinda went crazy making baked treats using pumpkin.

Karen made a little bat pins for couple of our friends and I wanted to make a gift out of a gift. So I made these little gift bags with their gift. I wanted to make something cute and something unique for them they deserved it.

We had little craft-ter-noon at our house. Just get together and craft. Things I like to do and able to hang out with friends, just chat and have fun and of course have food. Lol.

My sister and I love going to Salt Lake, This past year we hardly went just because. But when we do we try to enjoy every minute it. I so want to move here but who knows when that will be. I just love the little city we have, it may be not like the bigger city like LA, or New York. Here, we have yummy restuarants, movies, coffee shops, bakeries and little stores you can't find in a suburban setting. I don't know I just like it here, the atmosphere, the homes and the busy life.

I have a thing about trying to new coffee places or restuarants. I like to try different things get a taste of something new. We went to coffee shop called Salt Lake roasting co., a lot of college students come here but I like their coffee and they have a bakery to. Just love the ambience and feel of a coffee shop.

For dinner we wanted to try place called Gourmandise Bakery, I think there well known for their baked goods. Oh my! it was very yummy. Their food is delish!! and even had a dessert and it wasn't my birthday!! It was so good! I could just live here or even live next door. If I did that well there goes my figure. Of course! I bought some pastries and my all time favorite is macaroons. Oh my gosh! its to die for.Seriously have to stop by to pick some up for your morning coffee.

I also made a thanksgiving card, see my mess to make this cute card. It kinda took a bit to come up with the design. I don't know I had a hard making this one. Maybe because I haven't made  one for some time now. Every time I want something simple it usually the one that takes the most time to make. Right?

I wanted to make something out of the crock pot. I made some beef stew, I never made anything like this before or have the time to make something like it. I can tell you this we didn't have any left overs.

This year I wanted to go to the winter market at the Rio Grande in Salt Lake. its a food market where people sell their vegetables and other things. I had fun, this year we thought why not buy ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinner. We did! bought our vegetables, herbs, and even our breadcrumbs for our stuffing. I even bought some tasty apples, oh my gosh! I should of bought some more they were that good.

After our excursion, we try going to the italian market called Caputo's. It's a italian store that sells specialty cheese, meats, pasta, olives and they even have a deli. There so yummy !! I kid you not, their sandwiches are da bomb!!!

When you go to places, you see places that serves like middle eastern foods, asian food, etc. Well we have a Navajo restaurant that sells mutton stews and the infamous navajo taco. This is the only standing restaurant that serves my kinda meals. Its very tiny inside but the food hits home. I don't visit often because it like an hour away. That's why when come to the big city we try to make an effort to visit our favorite places to eat like this one.

Again!! more comfort food. During the cold months I try to make my infamous chicken tortilla soup. I say, it's the best. Not because I made it but what's in it makes the soup. If ya come to my house I would probably make it for ya.

My sister makes pasta, because half the time I make her. We go all out when making italian dishes, like this one. We love bruschettas, our favorite appetizers. we even use some our herbs from the market, oh wow! we couldn't stop eating them, So good!

I made another cake, this one is a pumpkin coffee cake. This one I wasn't to impress, I gave it a go anyway. Of course, I made some for friends to. There is no way I couldn't finish this all by myself. It's a time of sharing and I don't mind sharing

For Thanksgiving, I made a cherry pie, I love cherry pies. Its my first time making it, usually my mom would make the best pies ever!! You should know that mom's always makes the BEST dishes. I think my mom would of been please that I still can cook. If my mom saw what I made she probably chuckle and critique my pie crust and the tell me that I didn't seal my edges right and that's why my cherry was oozing out (maybe its a good thing i didn't tell her because I know she would say something like that).My sister made the turkey and everything that goes with it, of course it was yummy how can it not.
Thanksgiving was a good day to have a tasty turkey with all the sides and pies. We even fed a friend, she had to work on Thanksgiving day. I even ask her if she was going to have dinner she said no, so we took a plate to her. I couldn't let a starving friend have no turkey, just made me happy that she was able to have dinner.

Couple of our friends and us watched a movie and dinner. Afterwards, we went saw the christmas lights. We hardly to get together, because of our work schedules. But I love it when we do, it's the best time for me. Fun time always.

Finally! and the first time we put our tree up. I don't know when the last time we ever set it up this early, and right after Thanksgiving; that's the first.
Fall this year for me was a productive, I didn't realize till I looked at my pictures I made a lot of stuff either paper or food. I'm happy to spend that time to able to enjoy making the stuff I like to do, have fun.This year, I was very please with myself. I got to send my treats to my friends on time. Before I would usually procrastinate till the last minute to give them out. I think I did okay getting them out on time. I think about this time and I don't know when I will have the time to enjoy this again.Having those special moments with close friends and family.

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