Monday, December 28, 2015

A review of wayy back when?

Back in August, us sisters celebrated my mom's birthday. Our friend from work makes cake on the side so we asked to make a rosette cake for our mom. The sisters and the grandkids love the cake it was very yummy! 

Some time in late August, Karen and I try to stop by the roadside stands to pick up some fruit or vegetables. Its nice to pick something up than the grocery store. I like looking at the all the fruit and taking pictures. I wonder what people think when I take pictures of their fruit. Might think I'm weird.

Karen and I would do the unusual and grab something to eat and head out to the nearest park, just eat some pizza and chill under the trees. This is a rare occasion when we get to do this kinda thing. I'm not a summer person but sometimes I like to hang out for a bit and enjoy the moment. You'll never know when you get one of those moments like this.

Well in early September, I started to make gifts for the first day of fall. Because my favorite season is Fall. I like the when there a slight change in the air and the leaves are turning. This year, we hardly had any leaves turning. I think its because we didn't get a lot of rainfall during the spring and summer. So are leaves weren't that bright red and orange. But I made a little mini album out of paper sacks.Well I didn't get to finish because when I was almost done and trying to bind it I ruin half the pages by punches on the wrong side of the book. So I had to trash it and the start all over, but end not doing it because I've already lost interest in it. Maybe next year.

Every year, I always like to give out gifts for Fall because its like a holiday for me, I wanted to make something handmade for my friends. Because since I have more time and one job, I thought why not! Karen helped me make handmade candles. I read stuff online and picked up stuff at the craft store, we made homemade chai latte candles. It was fun but the oil, oh my god! I about died because it was pretty potent. I mean pretty strong, it made the house smell good but we had to leave the house it WAS that strong. So if you're ever attempt to do it please open your windows the oils you use are pretty strong. But it well worth it. I think I will try next year and sell it at the boutique.

 Of course this is some of many pictures until the end of the year. I hope you have a Happy Monday! 

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