Sunday, December 27, 2015

A review and a comeback again.

Hey, hey, hey. I know, I know it's been over five months since I last wrote. Wondering what had happened the past several months? Well, I guess you could say enjoying my free time doing the things I wanted to do, well just enjoying my life that's all. No worries, I have pics to share to. I still took pictures no matter what, I will always try to capture the moment.
 There isn't an excuse why I didn't write on my blog, I don't know I kinda overwhelm myself with the things I wanted to do, I wanted to enjoy my life, and not worry about other things. It seem writing in my blog felt like more of a chore instead of having fun with it, I would have ideas to write and take pictures of what I wanted to do. I don't know I just got lazy and a lot of things on my mind. 
 When I went on my leave, all I could think of was how much of a pay cut I was taking, that worried me a lot. But somehow I manage to work with the income I have now, Yea I was really stressing what I was making and things I enjoy doing is spending and going all out and didn't have to worry. But I realize that money isn't  always the thing, I did manage and budget my money;even though I dislike budgeting.
A lot of my friends and co-workers, kept asking me how was doing on my leave and if I coming back(I even heard from different stores about my leave and asked when I was coming back, wow I guess I'm famous!! hahah). Well I could lie and say I miss working the long hours and crappy service or tell the truth I'm enjoying every minute and don't want to come back.  This way heavily in the back of my mind, because I didn't know what to say to them, I know certain people may not want me back and some do. For myself, I didn't know if I want to come back to the stress, long hours, deal with co-workers who are lazy (yes lazy!) and the drama. But then I think of the good things, I miss working with the people I like working with, especially I've grown close with, I  miss keeping myself busy, and course the extra money and not gonna lie the perks of working at a coffee shop. 
 Now, it's five months into a year of my leave, and my thinking is still trying to enjoy every minute and everyday until it's time to make a decision to come back to work. I have until June. I could come back early if I want but the company suggest to fulfill my commitment to a year. I guess we'll see, what happens in the next 6 months. 
 Now, that's off my chest, I wanna share some of the things I've done so far. not a whole lot but some of the things I enjoy. earlier in my leave my sciatic came back in full force. I was pretty angry when this happen because I was much in pain for several months. I still have pain to this day but trying to work on it, so I didn't do a whole lot because of it. Its something I hate and think about because it's a nuances for me. I have chiropractor who does work on it but that takes money, so I'm trying other ways to make the pain go away, will see. 
Anyways, I'm itching to show some of my pictures, probably bored what I'm writing right now. I will try to post everyday until the new year. I thought it was appropriate since it's been half a year since my leave. The things I've done in pictures. I hope you like. Enjoy. 
I made this book for a friend, for her birthday. I cut up a starbuck bag to make the cover.

I started making my own stamps, that was fun I made for another friend who likes hello kitty 

I wanted to make something for me to use for my own use

I wanted to make a personal gift within a gift for a friend

this little place in Provo, called Tommy's. have great hamburgers. I try to support local places like this one.

I made another book for myself, I'm always making something for someone else. So I made this out of recycle starbucks advertisement

 I will be posting more in the following days into the New Year! happy days to you.

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