Sunday, July 5, 2015

Park Silly Market, silly

My friend Tony, invited me to go to Park City last Sunday. I was like heck yeah! I wanna go! Since it was my first weekend off from work. I thought for sure I needed to get out and do something fun for once. So I said Yes! and we headed out, Tony drove up took us only an hour to get from the valley to Park City. That day was pretty hot, but when we got into Park City it felt nice but it wasn't like the sun was beating on our backs. Luckily, I wore shoes and sunscreen I knew it we would be walking a lot and be under sun for quite some time.
 When we arrived in to town, we parked in the high school parking lot so we can take the bus. The bus offered free bus ride to downtown Park City, it was better this way because downtown parking is hard to find and expensive.
 By the time we arrived near downtown, it looked very busy already with people, and vendors. We just started walking up and down mainstreet checking out what people sold. I saw a lot of ceramics, handmade soaps, some vegetables, random stuff and even bread. We ended up in the food vendors section, we were thirsty so we treated ourselves to some drinks. I had a mimosa and Tony had a bloody mary. After our drinks we looked a bit more and thought why not another drink before lunch, so we had another one in a bar called The Cabin. Of course, I had an ale while Tony had another bloody mary. I notice the bloody mary was a popular drink in Park City. Hmmm, I guess I gotta try one next time. Then afterwards, we headed over to Flanagans another pub and had lunch. All that walking and drinking made me hungry, I had a pastrami sandwhich with sweet potato fries.It was delish!!!!
Finally, after lunch we looked a little more places and thought it was time to go I think all the walking, drinking, and having lunch made us tired. So we headed back on the bus back to the car.
 I thank my friend Tony, for taking me out. It made my day, its been a long time since I enjoy my free time. Just looking and getting out to Park City was awesome. Now I can enjoy my free time and really enjoy it. I can't wait till I go out again and enjoy the moment with friends and family. I like this and I want more of this fun, freedom, and just relax.

 My last Sunday was a fun day no doubt about it, I can't wait for another fun day. I hope your Sunday was a great day no matter what it was, enjoy!!!

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