Saturday, July 4, 2015

Its happy to be back again

Yes it is, its good to be back. I tried to stick with this blog time and time again. Every time I try getting into a routine something always comes up. My excuse is work, having two jobs kept me away since last November. I never have time to myself or people around me or have time to spend with my family.
 Just recently, I made my tenth year at my job back in April. I couldn't believe I would be working this long at one job, my idea was to stay for a couple of years and move on but instead I ended staying for another eight years. How did this happen? I guess I became comfortable and stayed with it, but one of the other reason was my co-workers. There were like family, there were part of me, even though we had our drama, laughs, bad days and our good day. They were my second family that's who I saw the most. I'm happy to work with some cool awesome people. I also made some awesome friendships with them through this job.
 For quite sometime, I was thinking of stepping down or even quitting because it was getting too much for me, a lot of things, drama just stuff that makes you think twice of your job. I was lucky to stay with this job. One of the benefits, the company allowed me to take a year off from my job. So I did, just recently I decided to a LOA (leave of absence) up to a year. I needed it, I deserved it. That's where I am, on a break. I've been on it two weeks in, for the first week it felt weird because it felt like just another day off but having the nights off and weekend was splendid!! I practically worked every weeknight and every weekend. Wow! its like a freedom! seriously! I don't know where to begin, there so so many things to work on. I've neglected so many things its like starting all over again.
 I have so many things on my mind that I want to do or accomplish. I have a feeling it will go fast and  it would feel like I didn't do anything. I have some thought of what I want to do, just that mind set of doing it and getting it done. Sad part, financially I can do some stuff but not like before, I like to buy things but now I have to watch what I spend. I know this was coming, I thought about this to. It was either living life or hating it. So the money situation, will be a little tough. I have to be smart with my money.  
 People ask me "how is it not working so much?" well its great! I'm actually happy and less stress. I feel like the weight just lifted of my back. I still feel like I need to clean something or need to do something. I have my phone with me waiting for that text telling me I have to pick up something up or come in early because someone is sick. I need to keep my phone away, need to get into that habit. Well see what happens this coming year, I don't know what to expect. I'm playin it by ear, I don't want to commit to anything right now. I still have my other job because you know bills needs to get paid. I really don't know what I would be doing. I know for sure I need to get organize at home, do a cleaning spree, getting rid of stuff. Donate some stuff to  the rehab where my mother is currently residing. Visiting my mom more, work on my scrapbooking, and other art stuff.  Just enjoy my free time actually go places, just be lazy. I do have some ideas I wanna do but I want to keep it to myself until it actually happens. When it does happens I will let you know.
  Now!! I WANNA show some things I have done already so far. I had a blast despite the heat! I have some pictures of what I done so far and now I will be writing again. Yay! Im just excited to have my free time again. I hope to show everyone my projects, my trips, my whatever I do that makes me happy!
  Now you know what happened to me the last eight months, Im gonna enjoy my time off and spend more time on my blog, projects, adventures, and spending with myself, friends and family.
 Well I hope everyone enjoy Fourth of July weekend I know I will even that means staying at home doing nothing so be it. Enjoy.

Before I went on my leave, I was invited to attend a close friends bachelorette party in Park City. Oh my gosh! I had the greatest time ever. My friends friend rented a condo like hotel at a place called The Miner's Club. Oh wow, it was very nice felt like were staying in someones home. The weather, the people we had a great time.

the next day we ate at cafe called Windy Ridge, was very good food was very tasty.

this was my lunch, a chicken sandwich with sun dried tomatoes and sweet potato fries

My sister and I wanted to pick up some stuff in Salt Lake City to make dinner we stopped at whole foods and  Trader Joe's pick up some food items.

We needed coffee we stop at the Rose Establishment. quaint little place 
trying to enjoy my time off and in Salt Lake, we hardly come up here enjoy the city noise

ice coffee please!!! with a short bread cookie

can't waste that now

 Every year, Karen and I go to the Art Festival in Salt Lake , This year we went last weekend. OH ! my it was very hot, luckily we went towards the evening but still was very hot. We enjoy looking at the local art, trying food and the drinks. The Festival is always held at the Washington Square and the Salt Lake library. There some pieces I wanted to buy but one day I will purchase something.

Cheers! everytime we go somewhere we enjoy some of the local beers I like trying something different I recommend Unita Beer always have different ales to try.

listening some music and trying to cool off.

    Well I hope you enjoy your summer and I hope to post more of my adventures in the months to come I'm excited to make things, enjoy my drinks and what this coming year will bring me. Until next time enjoy! ps Happy Fourth!!

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