Wednesday, November 19, 2014

California vacation!

I meant to post this while ago but I was caught with work I've been wanting to put this up and now I am.
 Yup, I finally went to California, finally. I went during Halloween weekend, because the main reason was the Hello Kitty convention going on that weekend. So I packed my bag and my friend Maritta and I went to Cali for that weekend. But I will break it up in first day, second day and so on. First day, was Hello Kitty day and spent all day at the convention. Oh my word, so many people I mean tons of people there was news reporters and everything. I forgot to mentioned its the first time in the states to have the Hello Kitty convention and its been around for 40 years! can't you believe it. I can't.
Me and Maritta 

omgosh,! we left really early in the morning, The sunrise was pretty awesome to see from above

trying to get the perfect shot.

this was the line to get our badge to get into the convention

The convention was held at the Tokyo district 

yayy! were here, were here!

inside where you can buy, it was very crowded and hot

i don't like this pic of me but I wanna picture of my favorite scrapbook artist, Amy Tan

Amy Tam had a scrapbook workshop we attend 

look!what we receive I didn't think were gonna get so much and it came with an album too!

she had her hello kitty outfit

I wanted to try the food truck but it was 45 mins wait I was too tired and left

this one was selling sweet stuff pricey but good

the infamous coin purse

no seriously its like gold

they even had a security guy near by

this coffee shop was making hello kitty lattes
for attending the convention we all receive bags I already put my away for safe keeping

this is what I bought you make sushi with spam cute I like the mold

remember the hello kitty truck well this is what I bought macaroons. They were so good.

So that was my first day in California, pretty busy, hot and lots of walking. I had some good times just looking around checking it out just trying to absorb all in, in a new place it pretty cool. My next post will be my second day adventure in Cali. until next time... Enjoy.

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