Sunday, June 26, 2016

MIA til' now

Long time now see, I know I feel like I appear and disappear after so often. I don't mean too but life happens. Have to handle what's going on in the real world and your forget your obligations like my little blog. 
 Been thinking a lot of what's happening in my life. Such as, work, family, myself and everything little thing. The most important to me was work and family, figuring out what are my plans. I was nearing my break from my other job and thinking of not going back or not. There was a lot of decisions, of course I end up going back, in my heart I was not prepared and not really happy of coming back. A lot of changes within less of a year and I don't like changes.
 I wanted to write in my blog but I lost interest of writing about anything up until now. I thought about quitting my blog but then I would probably regret of doing that, so I know I was planning to come back, but when?
I tend to take a lot of projects and somehow quit in the middle, I don't know I have a lot of ideas but I get to so caught up I just like quit and work on something else. Arrghhh! I hate when I get like that I don't know if that happens to you all. But it's so frustrating I just get mad at myself and feel like giving up.
 For five months, I've been thinking of whats the next chapter for me, in my heart I don't know, it's unclear. Usually I will have some kind a of answer but this time around its not. I'm still kinda of lost but I know what I want to do, slowly but surely I hope I make the right decisions for myself and I hope it's a good one.
 Ahh, what a crazy a life we all have. the littlest things make your life drama so big. You want this happen but another thing takes over, so many things to handle. Its how you deal with it I guess. 
 Anyways, life goes on right?  Well I will be making changes to my blog, again. I don't know what it will be, nothing major just add and some subtract. 
 I hope everyone is enjoying there summer, me I'm always thinking about the cool weather.

Later friends.

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