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Our summer trip back home, Arizona

Towards the end of July, Karen and I went to our real home. Arizona, it wasn't my decision to go home during the hottest time ever. But it was set that we had to go home, I don't know why its always during hottest month out of the year but it had to happen. I was saving my dollas to go to Seattle because I never been, but when I found out during June I was not to please to do it but I couldn't say no to family matters. I thought might as well and take a semi-not even a vacation time to go home. When it came closer to our trip to AZ, I couldn't wait to get out Utah and work. I just needed to get away for a second and take time off from everything especially work.
 So I rented a truck because we needed to take some stuff to get rid of and were off and we also had to take my nephew home too. We kinda sorta had a road trip my nephew never been through Moab or the other side of Utah so it was a good thing for him to explore a little bit poor thing never been outside of Arizona except Texas. 
 This is the thing about summer, I just hate it because its freakin hot I cant stand it. Myself coming from the hottest place on the planet I just can't do it anymore. Seriously, when Im in the sun I get dark pretty quick just in like half n hour I'm like golden brown like my nephew would say. I don't like being in the sun at all I rather stay indoors. Anyways, going through Moab, its pretty hot like 100's degrees. This little town gets pretty busy with tourist, main street was pretty busy with pedestrians.

downtown Moab
just leaving Moab
 We stopped in Blanding, to gas up this was Main street during like lunch time. You can tell how busy it was, my nephew saw some thrift shop so we stopped and looked. I never realized how much my nephew was a bargain hunter he would look for sales wherever he goes.  When I was gassing up the store had a bowling alley in the back of the store, I thought that was the weirdest thing the outside it looks like a gas station/grocery store I mean its a pretty big building but when you go inside you can see a bowling alley, huh you never would know.

in the middle of downtown of Blanding.

It takes us about 7-8 hours of driving time to get home to Arizona, my mom's family lives in the northern part of Arizona, its a pretty nice I mean we do get snow, rain, and does get cold but its the still the desert precipitation is medium to less than here in Northern Utah. 

On the reservation, I love the clouds
 We stopped at my uncles place in Burnside, AZ on the Navajo Reservation. As we call it the Rez. or my sister and I call it home. It may not be much to look at but its always home to us. The mesas, the red sands, sage brushes, the cedar trees and the sky. When you look up and see the clouds its just goes on and on. Able to see the landscapes and the open range. When I was thinking about coming home I thought I didn't want to go home but yet I think it was a good thing. Seeing my family, my brothers, my sister, my aunts and uncles just made me realize why I had to come home. I don't visit much since my dad had past, in a way too much memories to think of but then yet I realize where I came from and where my heart lies, I may be a stubborn coot coming home makes me humble and never forget always.
my uncles homestead in Burnside
 During our somewhat vacation, one of our tasks was to get rid of my mothers stuff she had, we went to Window Rock the Navajo Nation Capital and sold her crap at the flee market, I tell you going through stuff and and hauling is never fun especially in the heat. Karen, Boo and I and my uncle Howard and my aunt Loraine went to help out I felt bad because I didn't know they were gonna help out and stay there all day with us. But I treated them went to place in the flee market area called Pinky's, a little food vendor. Oh my gosh, Karen was right best place to have mutton stew and fry bread. I was in heaven I don't know how long its been since I had stew, I almost cried. You should of seen the bread it was huge, I mean Huge. If don't know what mutton stew is, its just lamb meat with potatoes,carrots,celery, hominy. Its not for everyone but its what I grew up eating its a staple. Its pretty fattening but the good stuff are always a no-no.  I didn't care at this point I'm gonna eat it.
yumm, was soo good 
 I didn't take a whole lot of pictures during our trip because I was either driving or working or helping out I was mad at myself for not taking a whole lot especially in Window Rock. Can't ya see the clouds they go on and on forever. I love it.
Window Rock flea market the area was nice we had a little space facing north. This was early in the day setting up people were still coming
 It may not look much but this is where my dad's from its called Castle Butte,still on the rez. We actually have a house here it can be livable but the resource I have is very limited and if I ever move home then I have to have money coming out of my pockets. This place is probably not on the map, not even on google. I don't know I might be wrong, but who knows. The picture I took doesn't do justice but I was on top of a ridge or we call it a mesa. Its pretty big when you drive by it, people live around here mostly my dad's relatives. or somewhat related to us. When I use to live here I didn't like it because there wasn't anything around, the nearest town is half-n-hour away. Later I began to like it, it's quiet, awesome sunsets and its home. The landscape might look desolate but I like it I've become appreciative of it. Resources is limited here but I don't mind living off the grid. I can live rent free, utilities free, away from people. One day, I wanna build my art studio one day, someday.  

Castle Butte, home
When it was time to drop off our nephew we first stop in Joesph City AZ, to visit my other sister. I haven't seen her or visit for some time. I feel sad leaving her I wanted to stay longer but we were on a schedule and do another drop before heading to our next stop. We finally, got to Winslow. Sadly, I grew up here and where my nephew lives and his mom and brother and sister. I have mix feelings about this place I've had bad and the good memories. But what can you do, really. One thing its kinda of annoying is when I tell someone where I was born. They sing that song from the Eagles "Standin in the Corner," you should see when I roll my eyes at them. But I should say this have to stop at the place called Root Beer stand. If you ever stop in Winslow ask a local they will tell you how to get there. This place serves this thing called "chili fries" omgosh! I live for it, its like one of those things you have to have. Its just hamburger meat with some special spices and you can cheese with or without over fries. I gotta warn ya eat it slow. But its so good, its there popular item on the menu they do have other items but this you have to try. Its been here I don't know how long, I remember growing up and walking over with my change and getting a small chili fries. I was a foodie then and still am.
After saying our good-byes with my nephew we headed of to Flagstaff AZ, a tourist and college town. I love this town but I can't even live here to expensive to live. It has that homey feel, hippies I'm not gonna lie there is, but a lot of college kids too. I didn't make reservations for a hotel to stay I waited at the last minute oops.I picked the Marriott, the other hotel I liked was not available. I wanted to stay somewhere nice and comfy and we deserved it, Karen and I worked so hard the past two days and I wanted to spoiled ourselves and be somewhere nice. I don't like to skim on the little luxuries on me or anyone else.It was very nice, we had the main floor and opened up to the patio it was very nice indeed. I didn't complain about it all.  
outside of flagstaff

Marriott hotel very nice one too I love the patio wanted to go out and see the sunset but I fell asleep and missed it all

the beds were nice, its a luxury to have a comfy bed

breakfast time yumm
 Our stay in Flagstaff, was great. I wanted to shop a little and take pictures before we headed home. I told Karen, we have about maybe couple of hours to shop and we got to do it now. We went downtown Flag, looked around and picked up a few things for friends and us of course. My dad would tell us stories when he use to come here when he was young gentleman. We use to come here too growing up and shop. I remember coming to downtown and visiting the newspaper shop, fabric store and do our everyday shopping. Now its a tourist attraction with eateries, bars, and shops for tourists.
downtown Flag, that hotel its been there since I don't know when like ages. 
 This Alpine Pizza, is the place well for us. I remember Karen and I came here when I was kid when my mom use to work in Flag. She gave us enough money to have lunch and we found this place that sells pizza by the slice. We fell in love with it till this day. I had lemonade with my slice and its the bomb. The lemonade was the best lemonade I've ever had. Its a must have if you ever stop here.
I read there bio and they been at the place for 40 years.

karen and I love pizza this pizza was huge we a slice and half 
from their patio and it was raining when we sat down to eat. 

I love pubs and I like local beers. This is one of their companies, of course I pick one or two of their beers. Support locals companies.
When we left Flagstaff we were supposed to be there for two hours end up staying longer and got on the road a little late, but I try not let it bother me and enjoy or semi-almost not even close vacation.I wished we stayed a whole week but that wasn't possible for us and wished we stayed longer in Flagstaff another day that would be awesome. The trip itself was good, I wish it was a different trip but seeing home was a good thing for me. This was one of our main highlights for the summer, going on trip even though it was going home four days. I try to make into an adventure trying something different with something that's familiar to you for so long. We had our fun moments.
heading home to Utah.

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