Sunday, August 17, 2014

And more summer events

I think one of my many highlights for summer 2014 is going to the Reggae Rise Up festival in Salt Lake, it was good timing we had my nephew Lawerance stay with Karen and I for the month of July. I bought our tickets and it was pretty expensive, I mulled over it and thought might as well can't put a price tag on family fun so why not. It was a two-day event always held in July in Salt Lake. We had VIP, so were able to hang out in the tent when it was hot, and it was very HOT indeed. We received t-shirts and supposedly drinks tickets at vip area. They also had food vendors and stuff to sell as well. I didn't think how hot it was going to be but it was freaking hot, I was dying and sweating and it was humid too. Omgosh, I didn't think I was gonna make it. We also had drinks during the day to set it off, but never again will I drink alcohol in middle of the day I learned my lesson just to wait until the sun sets. I had a great time I think the others did to, I think my little nephew (well not a little kid anymore) had a great time I wanted to spend my time with him more because growing up I never had the chance to spend time with my nephews. I thought it would be a great time to get to know him now as a young adult. He was very excited to see some artists especially Matisyahu and of course one of the Marelys. Sadly, It was a two-day event and I wasn't able to attend the second day because I end up working that night. I heard from Karen that Boo (my nephew's nickname) had a really good time and she as well. I'm glad to hear it makes me happy they did, that what counts as long they enjoy themselves and I'm happy. 
during the 1st day very hot

Natural Roots a Utah local band

my nephew Lawerance

starting it off with drinks 

highlight of the night Matisyahu

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