Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More summer fun

I love taking pictures of flowers it's probably the vibrant colors, and all the shapes and sizes. But I can't stand the smell of em, allergies are pretty bad when it comes to flowers.I can't even go to Home Depot during blooming season, eyes swell up, sneezing like crazy and I have to get out of there. I don't even have a favorite flower not really, I just like the colors of em. Here are I've taken some I like or what was available to me. 

 This past June was my older sister's birthday, Karen. I'm not gonna lie she's my bff and best sister I ever had. I spoil her a lot. She's done a whole lot for me and I try my best to make her happy because she deserves it, I do have other sisters but she's the only one that gets me and were very close. I always try to make her birthday special, I made her breakfast this year and also made dinner and her cake well er birthday cupcakes. Actually, she had to help make her dinner because I suck at using the grill. But I think what made the most is her cupcakes. I made key lime cupcakes for her she loves the citrus, she does. You should of seen the kitchen it was mess, hey I'm very good at cleaning up.
Karen had a good time for her birthday of course, she better. I didn't mind being in the kitchen all that time, at least I was indoors. 
 Flowers and celebrating Karen's birthday was part of my summer fun and there is more to come and post about what I did can't wait. 

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