Monday, August 11, 2014

It's been like..... forever.

I know, I know felt like its been like ages since I last typed something. Life has been crazy since I don't know when I feel bad for not writing anything. My creative mind has put on hold until I have everything organized I don't know when that's going to start. It's been days when I don't want to do anything except sleep, lie around the house, watch my shows and absolute do nothing. I think I accomplish that goal real easy haven't I, its the easiest thing to do and yet so addicting. I think its time to get back into  my craftiness, scrapbooking self. I've been thinking a lot for the next several months, just a lot thinking but no action. I know I have it here, my head of mine. So many things, ideas to come out and I have to do something about it. Right.
 Well, I know I've been MIA for several months but I did recorded some of my moments in pictures. I had some good time with good people and family. So this is what I did in the past month or two, Although I despise the heat and all of summer I made myself go outside and enjoyed it.
Karen and I went to Salt Lake Art Festival again, best time ever a lot more than last year. 

Of course Karen and I had to get out pizza from The Pie, I don't know why its pretty good. This years art for display and music, we listen quite a bit but left because it was towards the end of the festival.

This is one of many things I did during the summer, well I think the art fest was maybe in late spring. I don't remember but its a starting off point of my summer I like attending the art fest I like checking out other artists and jealous what they accomplish but its good to see cool art and eat and listen to music all around..  Its getting late here at home I just wanted throw something out there since its been awhile since I last wrote. I will write more I promise and more pictures of my hot summer days. good night till next time.


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