Monday, May 12, 2014

Catching up

Its been crazy busy, I know I always say that but its true. With two jobs and family, and little things in between I feel like I can't keep up. A lot things had happened since the last time I wrote good and bad. But I think half the time its been good, I'm lucky to say I usual don't express my happiness much because I feel its doesn't last very long. I like to keep my happiness and my good days to myself makes me feel better inside. I hope that makes sense. I do vent and complain but I try not to how can you when you have so much to say but all you have to say is negative or not so happy thoughts. I can be intimidating on the outside but I can be such a soft & squishy in the inside only a few can tell. I guess this is what I'm been thinking about lately and their is a change in the air from work,home life, and the in between.
 There is times I get stuck on creative ideas, I get lazy and I should post when I'm suppose to, take pictures when I need to or do this or do that. Towards the end its usually whats in important for me its work, taking care family issues and the odds and the ends. I know its important to stay in my artistic ways, sketch, crafting, taking pictures, spending to time with my sister and mother and close friends. Its a challenge to take on so much and not go crazy, but keep it up always and always and forever.
   I like to write what's on my mind, I wrote what I was thinking. Like art you jot down your ideas, your images, your thoughts your feelings. Im not writer and I don't claim to be this blogging thing is still new to me and try to stay in the trend of updates on blogging. Its a on going process. Will I ever have just one job in the future I don't know yet, I think a lot about that its like one or the other. Its nice to have the extra dough but yet I wish I had more free time. I want to do things but yet it takes money to do things. But having the extra time would be great you know
  So these are my random thoughts, just out there very loud. There is so much to do and say but I wanted to get it out of me. That way I can have a clean slate tomorrow and think about something else.  I do wanna share some pictures that happened last week. Enjoy the new week be something meaningful.
Karen and I and my friend Scottie from my job had a coffee last Friday, we had a great time chatting away and enjoying our coffees and cheese bagels at Beans & Brews. Best bagels ever got to try them.

One day of the week, I try to catch up on all my blogs, their is a website called bloglovin, its keeps all your blogs you read in one site its a good place to find other blog from the web. I even have my blog on the website I have a link on my site to follow my blog. Gotta to check it out. I also have my newspaper to read from the week, I keep to the side and when have time I read them while Im watching my t.v shows. 

Early in the week I went to this place, I'm beginning to like this place. they serve soups salads and sandwhiches. This was my splurge when I get paid hahaha. I love their nuts about berries salad I can eat it every day. 

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