Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Craft Lake City

Karen and I went to the Craft Lake City again, I enjoy coming to the festival. Its a festival where local artists around Utah selling their wares and crafts. Its a annual event in August, it covers two days with artists, musicians, food vendors and more. This year, they had and VIP event they had local business making sandwiches, desserts and cocktails and beer. My favorite thing to do is trying out the food and drinks, it costs $35. per person. So I paid for Karen and me, I think it was well worth it.  It looked over the festival and enjoy the VIP section with our handmade drinks and food. 
 I was able to buy a few handmade items from the local vendors, they had different stages that played different types of music and seeing beer flowing throughout the festival. For dinner we had some BBQ sandwiches and sweet potatoes fries from the truck vendor, the Lewis Bros. Its was delish, we try to experience different types of food every time we go out, its fun to try new things. We had a good time looking, eating, listening and buying fine stuff. Fun moments.   

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