Monday, June 10, 2013

My Life-Karen's Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was very busy for me. I took some time off from work, to do something for my older sister's birthday, even though her birthday is tomorrow. I decided to celebrate her birthday earlier because I had to go back to work this coming week.

  Friday we made and tried some several drinks,we made gin&sour, berry mojitos,and pina colada. My sister and I like to try and make different drinks, I think our favorite one was the berry mojitos. Very delish! 

It was Art City Days in Springville Utah.  On Saturday my very close friend Maritta, invited me to see the parade on Main Street. It was pretty neat its been awhile since I see one. I was lucky to get a good parking spot but it was hella busy gettin out. I think my all-time favorite float was the Salem royalty, very unique and different and creative. Afterwards, I had to go shopping for the birthday girl. Oh my gosh! it was freaking hot, later I found out it was like in the 90's. I don't like the heat nor the summer. So I did my shopping, I had to shop in three grocery stores to look for fresh herbs. I wish we had a whole foods store near by, this sucks looking for that one ingredient. I also visited my mom in the rehab, not that kind of rehab. She had some kind troubles in the stomach intestines I hope she gets better soon.

 Then yesterday Sunday, all day, seriously all day. I prepared for the dinner,I made pasta, marinade the meat to be cooked for that night. I seasoned the potatoes and for dessert I made carrot cupcakes her fav. I also made decorations too, so it would look cute for her birthday and she liked it.

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