Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY-making your own wrapping paper

I like to do something unique and different for my sister's birthday every year. Because she's done so much for me and she's like my best sister/friend ever. So I try to make her birthday special because she deserves it.
 I decided to make a mustache wrapping paper. Karen, my sister is in love with mustaches it's the "in" thing. I didn't want to pay on a expensive wrapping paper, whereas I can make my own under $1. Yes a $1. I already have the stamp and ink so  I went to the  Dollar store in town and bought some wrapping paper, Plus, you can use that extra money on rest of her presents. lol. I used staze on black ink, and stamp from hero arts. I'm reminding you always put newspaper underneath because if you use that staze-on you don't wanna use it without cause you will never get the ink out, so be careful.

 When you first start make sure you have enough newspaper and lots of room. Be careful when you start stamping cause if your paper is shiny it may be slippery like mine. Just don't put too much pressure or you will slide your stamp around. I used Staze on ink, you can try other inks but I liked the Staze On cause its very black and I liked the look. So anyway, you can stamp twice and after you have to ink it up again. I didn't realize when I bought the paper it was pretty long, so I had to stand on a stool to reach over.

I stamped randomly any ol' way. it won't matter cause that birthday girl/boy is gonna rip it open. When I was  done stamping you don't want to touch it for maybe 5 mins, cause using the staze-on it makes sticky and don't wanna touch the white areas with your dirty fingers. Luckily, I had a fan near by and I just stuck it in front of it. Then, you can touch it afterwards, its ready to wrap up that pretty gift to your favorite person.

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