Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Day of Febuary

I cannot believe its February, January just flew by that quick. I apologize of not writing anything. Its been a crazy few weeks with work, personal life and what not. The past week or so, I lost all connections with the phone and the Internet. It felt weird not communicating with anyone. Well whoever had contact with me. I felt so isolated not knowing whats going on. Its kinda of sad to depend on technology sometimes. I remember the only the way to communicate with was the phone or writing letters to friends and family. But yet, it was a good thing. It was quite around the house. I should of came up with new ideas and scrapping of something but I wasn't productive when I should. But now I'm online and hopefully keep it up, keep it up. Well the first thing to do is getting my license renewed I've been procrastinating for about 3 weeks now. I think its time to do it, yikes. Now i have to look for my information before i head over there. well I cant' do that I now have to go to work today. Ehhh! whatever anyway keep your inspiration alive.

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