Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yea, its my day off

Yes, it is my day off. I'm glad I needed to rest, and back was hurting me a bit. I actually  didn't get the storage when I suppose too. I think at this moment my orange juice was important. I still need take pictures of my projects or current project.
 Just trying to get myself up and do something productive.Maybe after this entry I need to upstairs and start working.ha ha haha.
 Ahh yes, I'm going scrapbooking! I need to work on my pictures again, I neglected my scrapping I'm going with my close friend Maritta.She too is a scrappbooker. I think she's the only the person who I can talk too about paper, embellishments and more paper. So were going this Friday night, that's my night out! I will take pictures for that night. I need to get to  my stuff for the event, I actually cant wait, something I can do without going insane.
 I'm going to try to accomplish something today, maybe do laundry, clean room, catch up on my shows.

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  1. I bet you're a blast to scrap with...I haven't done that in so long. Stillllll working on the quilt :). Hugs!