Monday, December 12, 2016

December Daily, my first page.

I actually started my December daily, yay! Well sort of  since December first until now I've been taking pictures but I've only done one page as of today. Oh well.
I've been contemplating on how to make up my book. I've been watching a lot of Youtube, checking out Instagram, and scrolling through Pinterest. I know wanted to do a junk journal book, but the book I wanted to altered wasn't what I wanted. So I opted to make a jump-ring book with chipboard I had in my stash. I wanted  the pages a bit bigger than I usually would make, I measured my book seven-inch by nine inches. I thought it would be big enough to hold a four by six picture(s). I had extra jump rings from a previous project so I end up using them. I'm trying to use my christmas stash I had from the past. I have so much embellishments and papers to last me for several years.
 I did buy some new items for this year but not a whole lot, new washi tapes, new embellishments, and couple of papers. I need to stop buying stuff I already have but it's hard to resist.
I think I overwhelmed myself all the ideas I had to make my December daily, and I did. It took me a bit to figure out just the first page, and I'm sorry but not sorry how I wanted the first page to look. Now I get it when other ladies were preparing for their December daily book, because it takes so long to design a book. But I'm determined to finish this book, and completely finished this book. I'm glad I wrote down what pictures I took everyday up until today. Because if I didn't I would be more confuse and forget what is what. 
I'm already stumped on what to take pictures now, I did wrote down ideas before but I don't want to repeat what I've already done. I still take pictures no matter what, maybe more then what I usually would do in a day. 
I need the time now to work on my book, just sucks I have the weekend to work on it but I have so much to do besides working on my book. We have like twelve more days until Christmas, and I haven't finished my shopping, other paper crafts, wrapping my presents and so many others. Bahhh! I'm trying not to stress out on the little things, but there is days I wish there are four of me. Enough of me complaining about my woes. 
Anyway, I wanted to show off my first page of my December daily. I'm acutally happy I made it and I'm determined to finish this book. DETERMINED.
Now, I cannot wait!! until this weekend. Because I really want to work on the next pages. I cannot wait how this book will turn out inside and out. Wish me luck.
 Well I hope you all enjoy your weekend since we're starting a new work week. Yay! I don't work tonight, I'm gonna enjoy my night off by watching an old episode of Frasier and maybe a cuppa hot chocolate. Yummm sound good! 
Anyways, have a good night or morning. Until next week I hope to show couple more of my pages in my next post. Next time, see ya.

This is my front cover, I usually wait until the pages are done and then work the front oover

I used Core;dinations premium carstock from Joann's, I really didn't like the feel of it I thought I use it as my base and cover it with my christmas papers. 

Ta-Dahhh!!! my first page. I don't know why  it always takes me forever to make a page. But it's stress-relieving to make something I like to do. My first page, is my front door with a fresh wreath and a new door mat Sorry can't really see the new door mat I should move the journaling card. The little notecard with the house is my journaling card with the writing  on the back.

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