Sunday, November 20, 2016

Winter Market at the Riogrande.

Yesterday Karen and I went to Salt Lake on a whim, we headed to the Winter Market at the Riogrande in Salt Lake. Since Thanksgiving is next Thursday, we decided to head to the market to buy our vegetables and herbs also some other goodies for us as well.
 We like going to Salt Lake, whenever we can I think there is more to do in Salt Lake than in Utah County. There isn't a farmers market during the winter where we live in Utah County, so we travel an hour to go shop. I don't mind coming up here so often because I think there is much to do up there than down south where we live. 
 I think it may be our tradition to come and visit the market before thanksgiving, we actually came up here last year and that was much fun. So this year we wanted to check out the fresh produce and see what was out for the season, 
 It does get crowded, it was bit chilly we kinda had to bundle up for the early shopping. There was apples, meat from the local butcher, potatoes, herbs carrots and someone was selling juices and of course the food trucks along the streets. Inside the building we seen some pastries (my fave) bread, hummus, cupcakes and chocolates. 
 Good thing we came early enough, because by the time we got done it was pretty busy by the time we left. whew! carrying potatoes and apples can wear you out, hahaha.
 I would like to come up here again very soon, this time I want to pick up some more apples and some meat particularly some lamb meat. I hope he will be around next time. There are some time I wished we lived closer to the city. I like coming up to Salt Lake, its different, and more things to do than back here in Utah County. Sometimes I wish.

 Every Time we shop for food, we ALWAYS stop by at Caputo's. It's a Italian shop, they sell pasta, meat, and cheese they also have a deli inside. Best place to buy some olives and meat. It's to die for. Lol. It's one of a couple of shops that sells Italian food that I know of, one of the specialty shops they have in the city. There is a bakery right next door too. Its called Carlucci's Bakery, of course it's one my favorite place to shop for baked goods. they also serve breakfast and lunch. That is why I would love to live here, I'd probably be here almost every day.
 Yep, that was my Saturday. I had a great day just shopping for thanksgiving. It's nice to come up to Salt Lake when we can, even it's for food. I like coming to my favorite shops again and again. Now that the shopping is done, this coming week it's going to be busy. Working, cleaning and getting ready for the NEXT holiday, Christmas, Ugh. So much to do in a little bit of time.
 Soo, I hope you all have a good week and also have a Happy Thanksgiving!! until next time.

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