Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My weekend well sort of....

I had a good weekend well sort of, I actually went out shopping, you know the necessities shampoo, hand soap and coffee. but not all that in order. It was actually nice to shop for myself, I hardly do that its usually bills first. But its nice to relax, shop, look around. Best of yet Labor Day sales, yay! for me. There were some good deals I couldn't pass up. I thought hmmm. lets go broke this weekend and make myself happy at the end. You know what, it did.
 I spent time with my mother, she's in a rehab trying to get better from a sickness. first thing on the list we went to the laundry mat in town. It's been a long time since I've been in one, we use to go to the laundry mat when were younger kids.  I can tell you this, it hasn't change except the people. I remember being like a thousand years for the washes to get done. But I guess time has change and now the wash last about 20 minutes. Well if ya can't tell in the sketch that's how long it took to sketch the scene out. I was trying to be quick but yet detailed and not looked like it has been rush. It also, killed time and my impatience of being there and there wasn't any noise to be distracted by but instead of the sound of the washers going and the rumble of the dryer close by. So luckily, we moved on to the dryers and off to lunch. We went Joe Vera's in Provo, on center street. Very good indeed, I didn't leave anything on the plate except my napkin and fork. It was nice to spend time with my mother, I try to 2-3 times a week when I get the time off from work.
 After spending time with her, my sister and I grabbed a beer and watch a movie and afterwards we had ice cream at Baskin Robins. So best time ever, then of course the sort of came in, I had to work on Sunday and yesterday, it was a busy and crazy and just messy It felt like it wasn't gonna stop with drinks, people,the dishes; it was non stop I was frustrated but I couldn't really do much just keep going until we had a break and clean up.It was good and bad and oh yes, it rained and muggy and just warm last night. So it was an crazy busy, good and great time weekend.

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