Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sip & Chill

My place to grab a drink is called Buns & Brew, in Spanish Fork. A cute yellow building right off Main Street in town. Parking can be tight but you're able to find room. Inside is a very chill vibe, very local and calming place to read your book or the paper (if you come in the right time usually during mid-afternoon) it's usually quiet and 1-2 customers are around. Ordering is quite simple not very hard, just tell them what  you like and they will make if for you. They do have some customs drinks located on a wall just pick and choose.
I usually order a drink called "blackberry wine," made with chocolate and blackberry over ice. I like it enough to taste it but not drown in its sweetness. They don't really sell food, the last time I looked they had panini's, but they carry biscotti's, rice treats and cinnamon roll. I liked the biscotti's there pretty good not too hard or soft. They also have a drive-thru but I protest using it because I rather spend my time inside and reading my newspaper, they have a patio up front when you walk in but I don't like being out in sun very long. So if your down south in Utah County, should come by and check it out. Have a biscotti and a drink and enjoy.


  1. I bet it's nice to have a local coffee shop around down in Spanish Fork. No desire to hit up the new Starbucks? (If not, I completely understand)

  2. Hahaha, Sometimes its nice to try something different. I have been to the new one, its not bad. I'm planning to check all the coffee shops around here and salt lake county too. I'm gonna do all my reviews about coffee in this topic. I'm so happy for your comments :) and joining my blog thanks ;D your awesome